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    “Data: The modern Electricity” and “Science: The experimental analysis of Data”. The ‘Z’ Generation of 21st century lives on data and proofs. There are very few people know about the data science and data scientists and the role they play. But if anyone get to know about this then they can excel in this career with the best data science course in Pune.

    Data Science is a mixture of multi-disciplinary data inference, algorithm development, and technology aiming at solving the analytical difficulties. Data Science is a far way new and on-demand course running just behind in the pace of technical languages like C, C++, Java and many more.

    Victorrious Digiital is once again coming f in extending its knowledgeable hand for the aspiring aspirants. This will be a big hit goal for whom who wants to kick start their career from the best data science course in Pune.
    According to the stark analytical report, the course of Data Science among the perks have increased by 19% in India. The data from the year 2018 evaluated and sets 1.5 million job careers spread all around in the last 2 years with more than 5,00,000 candidates.

    Data Science being the creditable course involves three major steps in the process as first Data extracting, Data Analysis and Processing and then Generating Insights into Data. With the complete practical and successful knowledge of Data Science, Victorrious Digiital is providing the best data science training in Pune in the very prime location.

    Why Data Science Course in Pune?

    Data Science sounding the most admirable and hunger course in the year 2019. Students admired and dream of being the data analyst or data scientist must go for the best Data Science course in Pune doesn’t matter whether they are from a technical or non-technical background.
    With best data Science training in Pune: the vast city of knowledge for upcoming stalwarts is available in the advanced and updating way to learn and grab the knowledge of data science with best data science course in Pune. This is an owl city of knowledge and multiple boon for the career option. But whenever comes to the technical field related to computers after the web developers designation data scientist is the best acknowledged designation one can have. With best data science training and with best data science course in Pune the aspiring aspirant can give a kick start to the glorifying future ahead
    The very valuable reasons for what you will get to learn in the advanced and best Data Science course in Pune are:
    • Empowering Management and Officers
    • Growing the ability of Good Decision Maker
    • Identifying Opportunities
    • Identification and Targeting the Audience
    • Testing the Decisions

    Who can get the best Data Science training in Pune?

    Being from the field of Commerce, or any other non-technical background will not affect the vibes of yours for successfully completing the best Data Science training in Pune from the best institute like Victorrious Digiital with an assets of practical knowledge and tools. But if being from the technical field add the plus point to the brief knowledge about the course of Data Science. It is not any rocket science. Anyone with a strong dedication can pursue it from the best Data Science course in Pune. Students who can aspire Data Science can be:
    • Computer Science Engineer
    • MBA Students
    • Business Analysts
    • Metrics Analysts
    • Desktop Applications
    • Fresh Graduates
    • Database Professionals
    • Mathematics Students
    • Physics Students
    • Full Stack Developer
    • IT Professionals

    Who is eligible for the best data science course in Pune?

    Best data Science course in Pune can be learnt for machine learning implementation, through implementation of programming by R language and interested to apply the machine learning techniques on the Big Data. So, the professionals, with the following professional skills and academics will be eligible to learn this course.
    1. SAS professionals and SPSS professionals, who are interested to work for better understanding of Big Data Analytics
    2. Software developers, who are interested to become ‘Data Scientists’
    3. Business Analysts, who are willing to learn the Machine Learning Techniques
    4. R professionals, who are interested to gain fair knowledge and expertise in Big Data analysis
    5. Experienced analytics managers, who work with and lead the team of analysis
    6. Hadoop experts, who wish to cover both Machine Learning implementation and R
    7. Statisticians, who are interested in implementing the techniques of statistics of huge data on Big Data
    8. Information architects, who are willing to obtain proficiency in Predictive Analysis
    9. Analysts, who are interested to gain fair knowledge in the methodologies of Data Science
    Academically, you should have completed any of the graduations like, BCA, B-Tech, MCA, M-Tech.

    Advantages Of Data Science Course

    Data Science: The fastest-growing course and Data Scientists: The high yielding job of the decades. As you will go by the varieties of job portals on the web then you will find the big listing of jobs not only in 2019 but also in the years to come. It becomes very necessary to weigh the real picture of data science with pros and cons, especially after completing the best data science course in Pune or from the place you wanted to. A stalwart want to grow in this field has a royal opportunities to work from a good hike in demand. This "Z" generation is full of advanced technologies and tools always act as a wheel of the company to make it run in an efficient way. This course provides the pathway to get a role of the Data Analyst in renowned and reputed company and brands. Recently, these big bumper brands are calling out for the best techie junior as well as senior analysts to take their company ahead in the world of competition and competitors. This multidisciplinary field of data science has several advantages like:
    • Diversity of Scholar Officers
    • Opportunities of wide Education Options
    • A Highly paid career
    • Abundance of various Positions
    • Provides opportunity to work with Big Brands
    • Gives an option to work from home
    • In Demand and Highly Valued
    • A gateway to become Data Analyst
    • Secured Career
    • New source of Revenue like Freelancing


    digital marketing training

    Introduction Data Science

    • Need for Data Scientists
    • Foundation of Data Science
    • What is Business Intelligence
    • What is Data Analysis
    • What is Data Mining
    • What is Machine Learning
    • Analytics vs Data Science
    • Value Chain
    • Types of Analytics
    • Lifecycle Probability
    • Analytics Project Lifecycle


    • Basis of Data Categorization
    • Types of Data
    • Data Collection Types
    • Forms of Data & Sources
    • Data Quality & Changes
    • Data Quality Issues
    • Data Quality Story
    • What is Data Architecture
    • Components of Data Architecture
    • OLTP vs OLAP
    • How is Data Stored?

    Big Data

    • What is Big Data?
    • 5 Vs of Big Data
    • Big Data Architecture
    • Big Data Technologies
    • Big Data Challenge
    • Big Data Requirements
    • Big Data Distributed Computing & Complexity
    • Hadoop
    • Map Reduce Framework
    • Hadoop Ecosystem

    Data Science Scop

    • What Data Science is
    • Why Data Scientists are in demand
    • What is a Data Product
    • The growing need for Data Science
    • Large Scale Analysis Cost vs Storage
    • Data Science Skills
    • Data Science Use Cases
    • Data Science Project Life Cycle & Stages
    • Map Reduce Framework
    • Hadoop Ecosystem
    • Data Acquisition
    • Where to source data
    • Techniques
    • Evaluating input data
    • Data formats
    • Data Quantity
    • Data Quality
    • Resolution Techniques
    • Data Transformation
    • File format Conversions

    Introduction R Programming

    • Introduction to R
    • Business Analytics
    • Analytics concepts
    • The importance of R in analytics
    • R Language community and eco-system
    • Usage of R in industry
    • Installing R and other packages
    • Perform basic R operations using command line
    • Usage of IDE R Studio and various GUI

    R Programming Concepts

    • The data types in R and its uses
    • Built-in functions in R
    • Subsetting methods
    • Summarize data using functions
    • Use of functions like head(), tail(), for inspecting data
    • Use-cases for problem solving using R

    Data Important Techniques in R

    • Import data from spreadsheets and text files into R
    • Importing data from statistical formats
    • Packages installation for database import
    • Connecting to RDBMS from R using ODBC and basic SQL queries in R
    • Web Scraping
    • Other concepts on Data Import Techniques

    Data Visualization in R

    • Story telling with Data
    • Principle tenets
    • Elements of Data Visualization
    • Infographics vs Data Visualization
    • Data Visualization & Graphical functions in R
    • Plotting Graphs
    • Customizing Graphical Parameters to improvise the plots
    • Various GUIs
    • Spatial Analysis
    • Other Visualization concepts

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