E-Mail Marketing Training Institute Pune

E-mail marketing one of the traditional forms of marketing but it plays the key role in digital marketing. It is use in various different ways to building up the brand, creating awareness, generating leads, gaining customer loyalty, advertising, promotional events, etc.
To make all these activities a success it is very necessary that the emails don’t go in the spam folder of the targeted audience. Next, one should know how to track the mails, analyse the click rate and many such aspects.

Email Marketing course will help participants learn email marketing strategies, including creating effective advertisements to promote products and services. The course will show you the basics of email marketing and what starting with email marketing really involves. You will then need to understand the types of emails and when they are used. You will also learn what a good mailing list is, how to create one, how to update it and use segmentation to target your audience even better.
At Victorrious Digiital, digital marketing institute in Pune, we give an end to end training of email marketing to our candidates.

Why Email Marketing Still Works

  • Email is an easy way to reach mobile customers
  • More effective than social media
  • The effects are easily measured
  • It is an effective way to keep customers informed
  • Email coupons drive online and in-store sales
  • It’s easy to customize and integrate into other marketing tactics
  • Easy to use

Email Marketing Syllabus

Email Marketing Topics

  1. Email Marketing Fundamentals
  2. How Email Works
  3. Bulk Email Overview
  4. Bulk Emails Challenges
  5. Introduction To Email Marketing Software
  6. How To Create Email Campaigns?
  7. Email Analytics
  8. How To Set Up Lists?
  9. How To Write Effective Emails?
  10. How To Improve ROI With A/B Testing?
  11. Legal Constraints On Emails


  • How to create account in mailchimp
  • Create mail id list
  • Configure Google Analytics
  • How to create templates design
  • How to create Campaign
  • Reporting
  • A/B Testing

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