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    The evolution of technologies is advancing with rapid speed for satisfying the customer needs in an organization. In order to provide an apex to the business demand for Online Salesforce Training is increasing. Salesforce training focuses on every pillar goal of Salesforce that are Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Consultant, Project Manager, Salesforce Analytics, and Salesforce Architect.

    Salesforce is the world’s number #1 cloud computing CRM(Customer Relation Management) solution, a boon to all types of businesses to give a hike in the terrain of Sales in an organization. Salesforce has increased the sales rate by 3.2% means it increased the revenue generation by 26% by centralizing the full focus on Customers that lowers down the time consumption and enhances the business growth at a smooth and faster rate.

    Victorrious Digiital is the pace for building a career as a Salesforce a prior need of an organization by providing the best Salesforce Training Online in very affordable fees with 100% job assistance.

    salesforce training in pune

    Salesforce is a CRM based application built on the platform. It can manage all the customer interactions of an organization through different media, like phone calls, site email enquiries, communities, as well as social media. Salesforce handles all the customer relationships, by focusing on the sales, marketing and support processes. is a platform for creating applications in the cloud with absolutely no software or hardware investment required. The apps thus created are data-centric and collaborative.

    Victorrious Digiital has well-structured Salesforce training program. The Salesforce training Online as well as certification courses help you to maximize the productivity of your Sales, Marketing or Admin tasks by tapping into the vast resources of Salesforce.
    Join us, best Salesforce Classes Online to build up your career in the booming sector and add the hot skill to your resume. Our subject expert provides the best real-time projects, examples, and learnings in the Salesforce classes Online .


    digital marketing training

    We are one of the finest professional institutes for Salesforce training  Online providing the 100% practical knowledge with both basic and advanced training courses of CRM and its various tools. We have the key professionals who sound skilled and experience with a knowledge of every upcoming update of these training courses Online . Under this training Online , you will witness the live examples and real-time project to deal with the real-life problems and challenges faced by the business organizations.
    We collaboratively work with our students to climb every stair to reach the final destination of the success of our students by our successful Salesforce Classes Online .

    salesforce training in pune

    Key Features of our Trainer:

    • 7+ industry experience in this ground
    • Our expert has trained many students placed successfully in the reputed Organizations.
    • Satisfying students with his ample practical knowledge under these training courses Online .
    • Provides interactive session in the classroom and makes students easy to ask and learn the things in deep.
    • Our expert is the best with positive and motivating attitude to guide and support students to learn and make themselves the best in this training course Online .
    • Provides the real-time projects a key feature to add on one’s resume under the salesforce training courses Online .

    Why Salesforce Training & courses?

    Salesforce is a CRM based application built on the platform. It can manage all the customer interactions of an organization through different media, like phone calls, site email enquiries, communities, as well as social media.
    Salesforce handles all the customer relationships, by focusing on the sales, marketing, and support processes. is getting used by more and more industries. So with increasing usage of SFDC technology which also has exponentially increased more jobs in the market.
    Salesforce training & certification in Online, helps you to transform your professional profile, enable you to help your company prosper immensely, and gives an incredible experience of satisfaction to your customer base. Moreover, Salesforce training and courses also help you as an individual to earn the credentials necessary for your career growth. Even if you hail from a non-developer and non-coding background, it is never too difficult or late to start learning Salesforce based on cloud computing from best salesforce training institute Online.
    Learn and experience Salesforce training online by our expert trainer. We teach and provide the best with 100% practical Salesforce training with real-time projects and real-time examples to understand it in better for your future success. Also, you can explicit your doubts regarding Salesforce training with our experienced expert in so register yourself and gain the best practical knowledge in Salesforce training.
    We are located in the prime location of Pune to provide you the best Salesforce courses online with a pack of all 19 modules of cloud computing with updated CRM tools plus a bonus of 100% job assistance to direct you to your path with multiple higher and reputed designation under Salesforce training online.
    Don’t think twice for Victorrious Digiital for the best Online Salesforce Classes with 75% of practical and 25% of theory classes with real-time projects and real-time examples.

    Why We Are Best Online Salesforce Training Institute?

    We are the best Salesforce Institute Online because:
    • Expert Faculty: We have got our certified faculty who is a subject matter expert with 7+ years of experience.
    • Complete Course of 19 Modules: We train you in 19 modules in our online salesforce courses that impart deep knowledge on the subject.
    • 100% Placement Assistance: After the completion of our salesforce training course, we provide 100% job placement assistance to our students.
    • Placement Services: We concentrate on both theoretical and 100% practical at our salesforce training institute/cloud computing training.
    • Multiple Batches: We have multiple batches on weekdays and weekends to choose from so that you can join a batch that is suitable to your schedule for Salesforce courses online
    • Keep you Updated: We keep you updated on the latest trends to help you be job ready.
    • Affordable Fees: Spend less money gain more knowledge only one-time payment with a pocket budget in our Salesforce courses online. Our salesforce (SFDC) training courses fees are affordable.
    • Interactive Session: We are providing the 2-way exchange of knowledge & ideas of Salesforce courses between our students and faculty.
    • Students from all over India: We have multiple branches of Salesforce training institute online that allow students from all over the city to join our cloud computing courses.

    Who Can Join Salesforce Training (SFDC)/ Cloud Computing Course?

    This Salesforce Certification training is suitable for every individual looking to build a career in Salesforce, particularly: Salesforce is a platform used by organizations all around the world and in every sector. This has given rise to an entire ecosystem around Salesforce with a desire to get the knowledge of Salesforce training courses online. This ecosystem has estimated to create 1 million jobs and has also lead to many online salesforce training to open up to meet this job demand. One of the more important positions is that of a Salesforce Administrator which you can gain by best Salesforce training Online.
    It is not necessary for the people who want to themselves in this field to require the programming language. You can join this course with the best online salesforce classes with 100% practical training to get acquainted with the updated CRM tools. All you need under this training class is the stable internet facility. It’s very easy to learn under the proper guidance of an expert faculty during the training class with no complex installation. With 100% practical learning, you can add this as a hot skill of your resume. Including the basic and advanced level of knowledge which you get from the training class with the required skills and experience helps you for the transition to gain the reputed designation of this course.
    If you’re thinking to learn and move your career ahead join Victorrious Digiital in affordable price for best Salesforce Classes Online .
    • App Builders
    • Developers
    • System Administrators
    • Sales Representatives
    • IT Managers
    • Product Managers

    How Salesforce Training Online Benefits You?

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    Salesforce training ranks 1st in the global world and also, a booming sector of the business organizations. Till now it is resulted in increasing $10 billion annual rates and expected to increase in coming 2020. Salesforce training Online makes you acquainted with various CRM tools to handle the business and its pillars for a smooth run to reach the pinnacle of Success. In the Salesforce training courses Online , you go with the real-time projects to handle the challenges with your knowledge and experienced skills of the market. With a ease to learn and to explore yourself in building or working with an organization, you must come up with a goal to learn the 100% practical knowledge under Salesforce training Online .

    “One Expert today was a beginner yesterday”
    No matter what your stream is or what your stream was. All matters your aim and dedication to the final goal. We are readily available to reach you out to give a kick start to your career if you’re willing to enhance your career as a Salesforce with the best Salesforce Classes Online by Victorrious Digiital.
    Our 7+ years experienced faculty will guide you to the track leads to the success with his best Salesforce classes Online under one roof in affordable fees.

    Also, SFDC training courses Online benefits for:


    • Platform for B/I (Business/Investors)quadrant students
    • Business Value according to employers
    • Salesforce: Hone the programming skills
    • Add Hot Skill in Resume
    • Whooping Salary with upper designation

    Working Professionals

    • Latest 21st century skyrocket
    • Inventory house of information regarding customers
    • Automated Machine for multiple tasks
    • Updated Analytical Data & Report generating tool
    • Optimize, Customize in Implementation of Salesforce
    • Leverage with Real Life solutions

    Why will Salesforce revolutionise your Sales and Marketing?

    digital marketing training

    Community Cloud

    Community Cloud is basically a collective effort in which sharing of infrastructure takes place between many organizations with a certain specific community with common concerns like security, compliance, jurisdiction, etc. doesn’t matter it is managed internally or by a third-party both by internally or externally.


    Einstein Analytics

    Einstein Analytics is the advance analytics launched for millions of the CRM users powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help many companies to qualify the record data regarding sales, service agent, marketers and analysts and the intelligence they need to make the better connection with the customers.


    Marketing Cloud

    Market Cloud is the email marketing supplier as well as host/provider of digital marketing automation, analytics, and services to collect data from the Sales Cloud, App Cloud, or Service Cloud to target the empower campaigns.


    Sales Cloud

    Sales Cloud is the module related to Sales in which allows analyzing the sector of the sale in the business to handle the Account, Leads, Contracts, Contacts, Product and Campaigns to boost the productivity and make smart decisions for the success of Business.


    Service Cloud

    Service Cloud is the 360 degree viewer to keep in touch with your customers to benefit them with fast and best service for the one who is at risk or files complaints for your happy and successful customer to lead your business ahead.


    Salesforce Platform

    It is a platform permits developer to build an application to satisfy the customer. Not only to engage customers but also to connect the employees, track performance, and garner everything in a proper way to run a smooth business.

    Salesforce Training & Courses Syllabus, Duration & Modules List Online

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    Course Overview

    The Course consists of the following modules which include 30 %theory and 70% practical sessions

    Chapter 1

    Basics of Cloud Computing
    Basics of Cloud Computing and
    Overview of each of three building blocks in cloud applications
    • SAAS (
    • PAAS (
    • IAAS
    Different Cloud Service providers

    Chapter 2

    Database Concepts
    • Overview of Database Concepts
    • Database structure
    • Normal (Excel based) Database Vs. Relational (Salesforce) Database
    • Benefits & Use of Relational Database

    Chapter 3

    Salesforce Architecture
    • Creation of a Free Developer account
    (This org will be used to develop and test the application during the entire Course)
    • Introduction of MVC Architecture(Model,View,Controller

    Chapter 4

    Sales cloud / Service Cloud
    • Introducing the Platform
    • Understanding the basic of sales application with Standard Object
    • Understanding Service cloud

    Chapter 5

    Objects and Fields
    • Building a Simple App
    • Becoming familiar with the Setup Area
    • Introduction of Standard Objects
    • Introduction of Custom Objects
    • Introduction of Tabs, Standard & Custom Fields, Detail Page and Related Lists
    • Basics of External ID & different types of field data type

    Chapter 6

    • Types of Relationship
    • Understanding of each Relationship Lookup, Hierarchial,Master-Detail with a business use case
    • Differentiation between One-to-Many and Many-to-Many
    • Introduction of Primary-Keys & Foreign-Keys (Conceptual Knowledge)
    • Roll-up Summary Field
    • Formula & Cross Object Formula Field:
    Guidance & Hand-on with Date, Text and number formulas

    Chapter 7

    Security and Sharing
    • Learn about factors to consider when designing applications for multiple users
    • Create profiles, understand what a profile controls (including data access), and customize profiles to manage the user experience
    • Create and customize permission sets to manage the user experience
    • Customize the user experience with record types and page layouts
    • Control access to records
    • Employ organization-wide defaults (OWDs), sharing rules and levels, roles, public groups, and manual share
    • Apply profiles, OWDs, role hierarchy, and sharing to restrict access to sensitive data
    • Apply OWDs, public groups, and manual sharing to create conditional access to data
    • Analyze suitability of field-level security, page layouts, types to satisfy business requirements

    Chapter 8

    Validation and Workflow rules
    • Business Logic Implementation
    • Rules for Automation
    • Validation Rule (Run on highest priority for the App)
    • Workflow (Time-Dependent & Time-Independent)
    • Assignment Rule
    • Auto-Response Rule (Live example with Web-to-Lead functionality) Escalation Rule
    • Introduction and use of Record Type
    • Introduction and use of Different Page-Layouts using Record-Type

    Chapter 9

    Approval Process
    • Approval Process :Single-step Approval ,Multi-steps Approval
    • Differentiation between Workflow rule & Approval process
    • Email to approve the request
    • Understanding the order of Execution of all these rules

    Chapter 10

    Reports and Dashboards
    • Report & Dashboard
    • Introduction of Types of Report
    • Tabular Report
    • Summary Report
    • Matrix Report
    • Join Report
    Feature of the SFDC Report
    Custom Summary Formula field
    Bucket Filed
    Condition High-lighting
    Scheduling report for future run
    Drill down to the source report while click on the graphs
    Dashboards components
    Dashboard Running User concept

    Chapter 11

    Query Language in salesforce
    Basics of SOQL & SOSL
    Basics of Queries traversing from Child to Parent Object
    Basics of Queries traversing from Parent to Child Object
    Basics of aggregate Queries

    Chapter 12

    Apex & Trigger
    • Complex Business Logic Implementation
    • Introduction of Apex
    • Implementation of Apex-Trigger
    • Understanding & Use of Trigger

    Chapter 13

    Data Management
    • Data Management
    • Introduction to Import-Wizard
    • Use of External IDs
    • Introduction & Use of Apex Data-Loader
    • Use of different actions (Call) like Import, Update, Upsert, etc.
    • Difference between Import-Wizard & Data-Loader

    Chapter 14

    VisualForce Pages
    • Introduction of Visualforce Pages
    • Difference between Standard Controller & (Custom) Controller
    • Hands-on to Create a List-view, Detail-Page, Copy the page as PDF when click a Button or Link
    • Hands-on to display data in Table format, enabling pagination, calling action on a Button or Link, etc.

    Chapter 15

    Sites, Debug Logs
    • Overview of other capabilities
    • Different type of Sandboxes and their usage
    • Introduction of Site.Com and creation of site using it
    • Introduction of Debug Logs

    Chapter 16

    Test Class
    • Learning Apex & Deployment Tools
    • Introduction of Apex Classes
    • Invoke a class or its method via Triggers
    • Use as a Controller for a VF page
    • Introduction of test class & methods to cover Apex

    Chapter 17

    • Integration using web service with real time business use cases.
    • One way Integration , Two way integration

    Chapter 18


    • Introduction to lightning framework
    • Configuration building lighting pages
    • Lightning aura creation , creation of pages in Lightning
    • Lightning components
    • Lightning App builder
    • Overview of Opportunity Kanban

    Chapter 19

    Marketing Cloud

    • Overview of Content builder
    • Designing templates
    • Data Extensions
    • Journey builder
    • Using Reports to send Bulk Email

    Project Details Job Portal Management

    • In the Project, students will be creating an app, helping them get a hold of the technology in its complete form. Some custom pages will be created in the project like Candidate information, Job Application details and interlink them. It will work as small job portal. The students will need to implement the project under the careful guidance of the faculty.

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      Benefits of Salesforce Training

      digital marketing training
      Growth in Sales Rate: With the knowledge of Salesforce Training courses, you can increase your business Sales Rate. Already, Salesforce mounted the growth rate by 3.2% increments with an amount generation of $7.2 billion.
      Improves Business Strategy: Salesforce till now proven to build the improved Business Strategy focusing on every minute corners and data of the business and also, on the business-related people especially focus on the Customers the lead of the business.
      Centralized Focus on Customers: A successful business needs a nucleus focus on Customers as they are the people who will lead and decide your business in the right direction of Victory.
      Detect Customers on Risk: The best part of Salesforce training courses online will make you learn to detect the customers who generously need yours service by solving their queries and complaints as soon as possible.
      Time Effectiveness: landed with its tools and services to uplift your business by managing the proper time required for every single activity need to perform in a business which is proportional to the productivity increase of business.
      Keeps Market Updates: Salesforce training institute online will let you know how Salesforce is linked with the latest updates and trends and will keep your business ahead in the market place.

      After Successful Completion Of Salesforce Certification Course, Can Choose The Job Roles Available


      Salesforce Admin

      Salesforce Admin is a knowledgeable person who interconnects the system of an organization. He operates the technical functions of the administration by garnering the pieces of information for giving business solutions for profit results in an organization.


      Salesforce Developer

      Salesforce Developer is the professional who handles both Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer and manages to develop an application through PaaS platform for customizing the work for customers.


      Salesforce Analytic

      Salesforce Analytics is the business analytics of an organization who analyze the data and take initiative to identify the business issues by tracking and evaluating to resolve it for better business growth.


      Salesforce Consultant

      Salesforce Consultant is the one who consults companies to implement Salesforce by popularising the importance of Salesforce in a firm and by enhancing and providing Salesforce training to the employees.


      Salesforce Architect

      Salesforce Architect is the one who accesses and has the knowledge of every platform. He is the one with his skills draws the structure and design the secure and high technical solution according to the customer’s requirements to enhance the productivity of Salesforce.


      Salesforce Project Manager

      Salesforce Project Manager is the one who plans the project, check the progress. Also, identify and resolve the issues for the project success. He is the professional with analytical skill to plan and execute the things in a right manner.


      digital marketing training

      1. What is is an American Cloud-based software came into existence in February 1999, California, United States. Till 2018 it has been successful in leveraging the growth of Customer Relation Management to connect every customer by providing a platform and by developing applications on sales, services, marketing, and a lot more by an increment of 3.2 %.

      2.Why Certification in Salesforce? provided the booming platform to the business world for easy and faster deployments for better results by satisfying the customer. As well as establishing good CRM with the customer to lead the business growth in the right direction. Therefore, the demand for this is already risen up with many certified salesforce training Online and various areas. Certified companies are the leading proofs for the success of this platform.

      3. What you can learn in Salesforce Training Course in Victorrious Digiital?

      Salesforce training course Online by Victorrious Digiital provides the 100% practical based knowledge of, CRM tools, real-time projects, real-time examples, and will make you learn about the different roles of it like a developer, admin, architect, analytic, consultant, and a Project Manager.

      4. Do you provide placements in Salesforce Training Course Online ?

      Victorrious Digiital provides you the complete knowledge of the course Online , as well as we are providing you the 100% job assistance included with personality development training focusing on grooming with a mock interview session a full preparation for the placements.

      5.What if I miss the Class?

      No need to worry about if by chance you miss the class. Our expert is there to make you learn about the topic you missed. One big bonus we are providing you is that in case you want to repeat the whole session then you don’t have to pay any single penny. Yes, you are getting the benefit in the same reasonable fee for the training course Online .

      6. Do we need a basic knowledge of programming language to join this training course Online ?

      No, it’s not a necessary need to know the basics of the programming knowledge. A beginner with zero knowledge of programming can also join this training course and acquire the complete knowledge of the course in affordable fees with the best salesforce classes Online .

      7. What benefits students are getting from this training course Online ?

      Our students will get these many key benefits in our training course on
      Latest study material, Real-Time Project, Free Wifi to learn the course, Expert Support, Free Personality Development Class, Free Back-Up Class.
      All these amenities are available in our salesforce classes in Pune.

      8. Do you provide any course material in this training?

      Yes, we will provide you the complete pdf file of the course as a softcopy in the training with the complete syllabus in our salesforce courses in Pune.

      9. What is the future scope of Salesforce?

      The business organizations are already satisfying themselves with the boon of to bridge the gap of a customer and a client. Already by 2018, revenue generated by this platform is $7.6 billion and expected to give birth to millions of job opportunities by the year 2020.

      10.What if I have more queries?

      For further more queries in salesforce courses in Pune:
      Contact us on 9545022110 or directly meet us at our location mentioned on our website.


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