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    SMO – Social Media Optimization

    Social media has grown to an extent that ignoring it would mean missing a huge chunk of business opportunity in the market. Social media marketing can be effectively used to gain visibility and gain engagement to a huge extent. The massive audience available on social media can be precisely targeted to create the awareness of the product, brand or an event.

    Social media marketing aims at attracting the attention of audience and creating brand awareness. It’s the best and most cost effective platform to promote a brand and product. But, it is extremely necessary to create relevant content for every social media channel.

    Victorrious digiital is a digital marketing institute in Pune that has expertise that provide best in class training for social media marketing. We explain every social media channel in detail and the right approach to attract audience on the posts./div>

    Why SMO & SMM Training In Pune With Victorrious Digiital?

    There are around 2.77 billion daily active users on social media. It is one of the biggest platforms used for promotion by business organization daily. People on social media are highly responsive to online content and therefore, it presents a great opportunity for businesses to increase its customers. For this purpose, organizations rely on Social MediaOptimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

    You will find that almost every business organization in the world is active on social media. Both free and paid options are available for promotion. Not only is it a great for advertising but, it is also a great place for them to interact to their customers and receive instant feedback. Therefore, social media has become an integral part in marketing strategies and require SMO & SMM experts to handle their accounts.

    At Victorrious Digiital we provide the best SMO and SMM training in Pune. Following are the features of our training course:-
    • Our Experienced faculty is well versed in using social media for promotional activities.
    • We provide complete theoretical and practical training on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
    • We provide detailed study material to our students.
    • Our SMO and SMM classes in Pune are designed to turn our students into experts who can face any challenges in their career head-on.
    • After the course is completed, we provide ob assistance to all our students.
    Do you wish to learn complete to DIGITAL MARKETING COURSES

    Complete Social Media Marketing & Social Media Optimization Syllabus

    digital marketing training

    SMO Part -1

    • What is social media optimization?
    • Reason of using social media?
    • Benefits of social media optimization
    • Various social media platforms
    • Impact of using social media

    Facebook Promotion

    • Facebook Introduction
    • Facebook Account setup
    • Understanding Facebook strategies
    • Facebook group creation
    • Facebook group promotion
    • Facebook event management

    *Practical Session 1

    • Facebook fan page setup introduction
    • Types of Facebook fan page
    • Facebook profile pick creation
    • Facebook cover photo creation
    • Increase the likes on fan page
    • Edit information about page
    • Fan page wall posting
    • Types of posts
    • Increase post engagements
    • Understanding fan page setting

    *Practical session 2 

    Linkedin Promotion

    • What is linkedin?
    • Importance of linkedin
    • Linkedin profile creation
    • Company profile vs Individual profile
    • Optimizing the profile
    • Skills, Endorsements, Recommendations in linkedin
    • Linkedin group creation
    • Finding jobs on linkedin
    • Job post on linkedin
    • Creating company profile
    • Promoting company profile
    • Increasing followers on linkedin page

    Twitter Promotion

    • What is Twitter?
    • Use of Twitter
    • Benefits of Twitter
    • Twitter profile creation
    • Profile customization
    • Post creation
    • Content & image using on Twitter
    • Increase followers
    • Using #(Hash) tag

    *Practical session

    SMO Part - 2

    Google Plus Promotion

    • What is Google plus
    • Benefits of Google plus account
    • Profile creation of Google plus
    • Customization of profile
    • Community creation & posting
    • Posting on Google plus profile
    • Increasing reaches & followers

    *Practical Session 

    Instagram Promotion

    • What is Instagram?
    • Account creation of Instagram
    • Branding & Promotion on Instagram
    • Promotional strategies & tips on Instagram
    • Using hash tags (#) on Instagram
    • Advertising on Instagram
    • Creating business profile on Instagram

    Pinterest Promotion

    • What is Pinterest?
    • Dashboard Creation
    • Customizing profile
    • Boards in Pinterest
    • Website promotion
    • Image posting
    • Pinterest integration in website

    You Tube Promotion

    • You tube introduction
    • Creating account & dashboard
    • How to create channel?
    • Profile updation
    • Upload videos
    • Video optimization
    • You tube analytics
    • Video promotion terms & conditions

    Social Media Marketing

    Facebook Social Media Marketing

    • Facebook advertising
    • Types of  advertising
    • Facebook fan page promotion
    • Boost post
    • Awareness
    • Consideration
    • Conversion
    • Traffic on website

    *Practical session 1

    Linkdin Social Media Marketing

      • Advertising on Linkdin
      • Types of  promotion
      • Audience targeting
      • Bid strategies
      • Ad format
      • Ad dimensions & rules

      *Piratical session

      Instagram Social Media Marketing

      • Advertising on Instagram
      • Types of  promotion
      • Audience targeting
      • Bid strategies
      • Ad format

    Social Media Automation

    • What is social media automation?
    • Why social media automation?
    • Buffer
    • Hoot-suit
    • Social media account setup with tools
    • Post creation & Promotion
    •  Performance analysis


    • Importance of Facebook
    • How to use Facebook effectively
    • Develop Fan Page on Facebook
    • Facebook Insights
    • Facebook Reporting
    • Facebook Paid Advertisement
    • Post Boosting
    • Paid Facebook Campaign
    • Facebook to Instagram Campaign


    • How Twitter works
    • Importance of  Twitter
    • How to use Twitter effectively
    • Creating Twitter account
    • How to tweet
    • Re-tweets
    • Hash-tags
    • Twitter Paid Campaign
    • Twitter Reporting


    • Understanding how to achieve high user engagement
    • Optimizing your instagram profile
    • Integrating Content Strategy with instagram marketing
    • Understanding paid advertising on instagram
    • Crack the Instagram Marketing Tactics for Brand Building


    • Importance of LinkedIn
    • How to use LinkedIn effectively
    • How to build profile on LinkedIn
    • How to build Connections
    • How to create business page
    • How to share posting
    • Importance of the above platforms
    • How to automate social media using various tools
    • Learn how to plan, strategize and execute paid marketing campaigns.


    • Creating Rich Pins to increase engagement
    • Understanding Pinterest as a platform for marketing
    • How to build audience your audience on pinterest
    • Creating & Optimizing Boards and Pins on Pinterest
    • Learn How to schedule your pins to improve frequency

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