Top 10 Blogs Of Digital Marketing Which You Can Follow

Digital marketing is a common term used for all your online marketing efforts. Digital marketing is most important as it creates brand awareness and trust amongst the customers. About 55% of the world’s population is using the internet and this is the reason that most companies now prefer digital marketing over traditional marketing. The Internet has become a miraculous medium to market your product or services and reap your profit comparatively faster than it could have been in traditional marketing. Creating your company’s brand image has become facile because of modern marketing techniques.

The blog refers to an online journal. Blogs began as personal mini-sites that people used to record individuals’ opinions, stories, and other writings as well as photos and videos. As the web has grown and changed, blogs have gained more recognition and merit. In today’s world, the user can earn money by sharing his blogs over the internet with the help of a tool known as “Google AdSense”.

Here are few other benefits of reading digital marketing blogs:

  1. To improve your marketing skills
  2. To connect with other bloggers
  3. To attend webinars and seminars directly
  4. To build your online presence
  5. To keep up to date with the latest trends in your industry

When digital marketing is concerned there are some lists of blogs that you can follow and have quality content:

1. Quick Sprout:
Let me first say that, I absolutely love the design of this blog. The blog layout is minimal with beautiful color combinations; it barely has any clutter on sidebars. The blog is run by Neil Patel, a successful webpreneur who shares all the marketing stuff that helps bloggers and marketers to build a successful online business.

2. Victorious Digital
Victorious Digital is one of the leading platforms that offers Digital Marketing Courses In India. Their blog section covers all things digital and has detailed step-by-step guides on each digital platform. Additionally, Victorious Digital blog also has case studies on various industries, which helps brands and marketers.

3. Influencer. In
Influencer. in is one of India’s leading influencer marketing platforms, connecting brands with bloggers and Influencers. The blog provides excellent insights into influencer marketing and tips for bloggers. It is the best resource to stay up to date with Influencer marketing news and tactics for a successful campaign.

4. Social Beat
Social Beat Focuses mainly on digital marketers and entrepreneurs who are looking to create a footprint in the world of digital marketing, The content in the blogs aims at helping businesses understand how different strategies can help them grow their business online. The blogs are enriched with quality insights and goal-oriented strategies to help brands get the best ROI from their digital marketing efforts.

5. Campaign India
Campaign India covers the trending topics in digital media and they act like a solo powerhouse of information that is adequate for online marketers. The content found on this platform is mostly news and opinions from the digital world.

Faqs is a one-stop destination for all things related to advertisements and marketing in the digital space. Right from tidbits about industry’s who’s who, online trending campaigns, guest articles by prominent figures from the ad world, social media statistics to new revelations in the digital world, Afaqs covers everything!

7. SEO Techy World
More or less like Moz, the content that is available on this platform is inclined towards Search engine optimization and content marketing. Apart from Content marketing & SEO, this platform also covers topics that are relevant to online marketers and whatever there is to understand about digital marketing.

8. Simplify 360
Simplify 360 blogs give us great insights about the topics that trend online and help us discover the world of real-time conversations that come extremely handy in the process of brand building online. The content shared here is based mostly on social media monitoring and helps marketers understand the depth of the campaigns online.

9. Social Samosa
Social Samosa is known for its high-toned content which encompasses agency highlights, in-depth case studies, and interviews with prominent icons in the digital world, campaign reviews along tips and tools that could help you grow profoundly in the social media expanse. The idea is to help businesses understand the world of social media locally and globally.

10. Light House Insights
Lighthouse Insights provides timely interviews with eminent personalities from the creative world are also covered in their content hemisphere. These articles are something to look forward to the people who love knowing digital facts and understandings.