Advantages of Career in Data Science

The term “data science” is mostly recognized with the word “datalogy” has existed for more than 30 years but still, it’s unfamiliar with the mass. Data science is basically a mixture of Mathematics, Technology, and strategy that is recognized worldwide and has started gaining popularity with more and more people opting for it as their career.

“Data scientist” has turned into a mainstream occupation with Harvard Business Review naming it “The Excellent Job of the 21st Century” and McKinsey & Company projecting a global excess demand of 1.5 million new data scientists.

There are many opportunities for new people as the field is gaining popularity and is blooming day by day. After accessing the people’s interest and high demand for data scientists many universities and even online schools are offering bachelor’s and Masters’s Degree in data science. The field is being looked like the high-end career option overseas because of which many programs have been started for school students to make them aware of one more promising option for their future endeavors.

Here are some of the interesting options connected with the field to illuminate where data science can be applied;

Mental Health Care, Server Monitoring, Child Welfare, Wildlife management, Fraud, and Risk detection, Gaming, and a lot more.

Student or a working professional; still thinking about your career choice or want a change of path in the current field this is sure to look out for an outstanding career and of course for an outstanding salary.