Ultimate Digital Marketing Glossary

Ultimate Digital Marketing Glossary

Regardless of whether you’re new to the business or simply require a rapid boost, Below we have mentioned the accommodating terms that all advertisers should know. It would help to gain knowledge about digital marketing in a more explained form.

301 Redirect

A lasting redirect from an ancient URL to another URL. This is a normally utilized technique for keeping previous traffic coordinated to a site when the site is overhauled or a website page & its URL is refreshed.

404 Error

A message of error showed when a URL is unable to find. In the event that you are eliminating a page totally from a site, you, or a developer, would add a 404 divert to take note that the page does not exist anymore.

A/B testing

This is a successive testing technique utilized in all types of publicizing or advertising. While making the two adaptations, it is acceptable practice to just roll out one improvement from variant A to variant B, so you understand what your audience is reacting to.

Ad fatigue

It occurs when clients are overexposed to a similar promotion and it brings about fewer snaps and changes. Generally utilized in Facebook, promoters would utilize it as a standard for deciding when to refresh the creation of advertisement so they stay pertinent and provide clients a positive experience of advertising.

Ad group

In a PPC account, these are the subdivisions that consist of promotions, focusing on a collection of keywords. These are frequently divided into different ‘topics’ which creates a mission.


An algorithm is a numerical set of rules determining how a collection of information carries on. In online media, it aids in keeping everything under control and helps with positioning indexed lists and ads.

Alt text

An alt tag, otherwise called “alt attribute” and “alt depiction,” is an HTML feature implemented to picture labels for giving an alternative choice of text to web indexes. To apply pictures to alt labels, for example, item photographs could emphatically affect an online business store’s internet searcher rankings.

Anchor text

Anchor text is the interactive content in a hyperlink. Best practices of SEO direct that anchor text is pertinent to the page you’re connecting to, as opposed to nonexclusive text.It is a “perfect match” if it incorporates a keyword that reflects the page that is being connected to.


Digital attribution is the arrangement of occasions dependent on the activities of the client. Figuring out which contact purpose of the advertising cycle is the reason for the change. Attribution permits one or different strategies to “get credit” for the change.


Your intended audience is the particular gathering of buyers destined to need your item or administration, and thusly, the gathering of individuals who should watch your campaigns of promotion.Target crowd might be directed by age, pay, area, interests, or different criteria.


A digital marketing audit is essentially an intensive examination of all your advanced promoting endeavors. The presentation of every one of your practices, systems, promotions, along posts is assessed revealing you a comprehension of where the computerized holes & the loopholes present.


Backlinks are significant for SEO as the measure of legitimate, high-esteem backlinks that you have backed up the nature of the content on your site. Another webpage connects to your site someplace in their content.


In the realm of paid search promoting, an offer is the greatest measure of cash a promoter is eager to pay for every click on an ad.


A weblog, additionally known as a blog, is a journal that is kept up by a blogger and has particular information that is immediately distributed to their site or blog. Contributing to a blog is a well-known movement. The quantity of online clients making and keeping up sites has expanded significantly over the previous year.


A bot is a software application that executes mechanized assignments over the web. Commonly, bots have picked up a terrible name to advertisers as they are frequently connected with carrying counterfeit traffic to an organization’s site by emulating online visits or tapping on inquiry promotions.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate is one-page meetings separated by all meetings or the level of all meetings on your site where clients saw just a solitary page and set off just a solitary solicitation to the Analytics server. It speaks to the level of guests who enter the site and afterward leave instead of proceeding for seeing different pages inside a similar site.

Call to Action

A call to action is an assertion intended for getting a quick reaction from the individual perusing or hearing it. It makes use of activity action words. CTAs aids in enhancing client experience and transfer them by the business channel.


A digital marketing campaign includes the marketing procedure execution across all the computerized channels where customers draw in with a brand, ordinarily to enhance an organization’s rate of transformation.


The source or avenue a sponsor decides for usage to market to their specific group. Normal channels of marketing could be Google, Social Media, Email, Paid.

Ad Click

Ad Click is a showcasing metric that checks the occasions clients have tapped on an advanced ad to come to an online property. If you possess an executing mission, you are presumably ready to get to click the information on every particular advertisement.

Click Thru Rate

Click through rate could be utilized for checking how well your catchphrases and advertisements, and free postings, are performing. CTR is the count of clicks which your promotion gets separated by the occasions your advertisement has appeared: clicks ÷ impressions.


In Digital Marketing, the code is a bunch of programming guidelines that build up a site or train a page on how to perform. There are various sorts of code, for instance, a site could be based on JavaScript, XML, HTML.

Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is the level of guests to your site which fulfills an ideal objective out of all count of guests. A high change rate is demonstrative of fruitful advertising and website composition: It implies individuals need what you’re providing, and they’re effectively ready to obtain it!


Cookies are little bits of code that are added to clients’ internet browsers as they face distinctive websites. Advertisers make use of cookies for gathering information such as what sites you see which would assist them with conveying the most applicable and focused content too explicit crowds.

Ad Copy

Ad copy is a direct mail advertisement that tends to the potential complaints a client may possess. It likewise features the prime highlights and advantages the client would get by purchasing any product. It is intended for getting the user to react or make a move.

Cost per Click

Cost per Click alludes to the real value you pay for every click in your PPC advertising efforts. It the most noteworthy sum that you want to pay for a click on your advertisement.

Cost per Lead

The Cost per Lead metric estimates how practical your advertising efforts are with regards to create the latest leads for your business team. Likewise, these measurements could be utilized for screening singular missions, for example, AdWords, standard promotions, or social advertisements, or the amount of your showcasing endeavors.

Cost per Thousand

It is a promoting term utilized for denoting the cost of 1,000 ad impacts on one page of the website.


A crawler is a program utilized via web crawlers for gathering information from the web. At the point when a crawler visits a site, it takes over the whole content of the website and reserves it in a databank. It additionally reserves all the outer and interior links to the site.

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A dashboard is a tool of reporting which presents the analytics of promoting, KPIs, and measurements utilizing information perceptions. Promoting dashboards are intended to furnish groups with a continuous window into the execution of marketing.

Demand Side Platform

A demand-side platform is a software utilized by publicists to purchase video promotions from a commercial center on that distributor’s list publicizing stock. These stages consider the administration of promoting across some constant offering organizations.

Display Advertising

Display advertising alludes to the way toward promoting an item or administration through visuals appearing pictures and recordings on distributor network sites, for example, Facebook and so forth. These advertisements are set on pertinent outsider sites as an image or banner.


A name that appears in URLs for identifying the pages of the website.

Email List

A crowd of people lists utilized explicitly for the purpose of email marketing. An email rundown could be curated in a wide range of ways.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an advanced technique of marketing dependent on sending messages by mail and creating associations with possibilities along with clients. A viable email promoting procedure convert possibilities into clients, and transform prior time purchasers into repeat clients.


Arrive at measures the number of potential clients who watch the publicizing effort. It alludes to the occasions that those clients would be presented to the message. Along these lines, the higher the span, the bigger the number of individuals who watch your message.

Google AdWords

AdWords permits you to construct, oversee, and streamline advertisement gatherings, promotions, along with keywords inside a solitary record.

Google Analytics

A Platform in Google which do tracking and provide a measurement of a site metric for revealing a sponsor or organization how a client associates with their site, and how their site is proceeding in general.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free instrument that permits you to oversee and convey advertising labels on your portable application or site without altering the code.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an assortment of instruments and assets for aiding site proprietors, website admins, web advertisers, and SEO experts screen site execution in the index of Google search.

H Tags

Normally alluded to as the Header tag, or
tag in HTML, it is the page’s title and would stand apart among the remainder of the content on a page. Other header labels in HTML incorporate h2, h3, h4, etc. This speaks to the progression of titles and captions on a page.

Hypertext Markup Language

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the arrangement of markup images or codes embedded into a document planned for a show on the Internet. The markup advises internet browsers how to show a page’s pictures along with the text.


The count of times for which an advertisement is watched by a potential client.

Inbound Link

An inbound connection is a connection from another site to a page on your site. An inbound connection is made out of two sections: The link to the page on your site, which is only your page’s URL. The anchor text, that is the content that is featured in the connection that gets individuals to the site.


An index is for the most part an index in a particular request that is utilized for direction aim. As far as web crawlers, an index is the posting of pages that is yield by the web index because of a client search demand.


JavaScript is a programming language utilized mainly by variant client-side browsers for making an interactive & dynamic experience for the client.


A keyword is a term utilized in promoting or digital marketing for portraying a word or a collection of words an Internet client utilized for playing out a search in a web index or search bar.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the way toward searching the catchphrases or keywords for your organization and seeing how you are positioning or could obtain ranking by making use of these keywords on Google.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is when somebody endeavors for controlling their situation in the list items by concentrating pertinent keywords.

Key Performance Indicator

Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable objectives that assist you with following along with success measurement.KPIs are a helpful route for Digital Marketers for establishing assumptions and demonstrate that their performance is obtaining a positive effect.

Landing Page

In digital marketing, a point of arrival is an independent website page, made explicitly for a promoting or publicizing effort. It’s the place where a guest “lands” after they click on a connection in an advertisement or mail from Google or another platform.


In a business setting, a lead alludes to contact with an expected client, otherwise called a “prospect”.

Lookalike Audience

This element considers an Account Manager for transferring a current customer, client, or endorser email rundown to Facebook so it could locate those current client profiles, at that point find different profiles who are comparative in diversions, demographic occupation & interests.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an innovation that oversees advertising measures and multifunctional crusades, across different channels, consequently. By it; organizations could target clients with robotized messages across the web & email.


Metadata sums up essential data about information, creating discovering, and working with specific cases of information simpler.

Meta Description

A tag in the page’s HTML code comprising of Keywords along with expressions reveals a short rundown on what information that page contains.

Meta Title

A meta title is a significant piece of site improvement, and it’s particular from the feature on the page itself. It goes about as an ID tag for the site page. The title is shown on the tab of the browser and mentions to you that currently, you’re on what page.

Mobile Search

An online inquiry is performed from a cell phone, for example, Mobile or tablet.

New Users

In Google Analytics, It belongs to all individuals who go through a website for the initial time.


A value which could be allocated to attribute of “rel” for revealing a web crawler that the outbound hyperlink ought not to impact the connection target’s positioning in an internet searcher list. It permits one site to connect to another except impacting that site to have a better rank.

Open Graph Tag

It is a convention that permits us for creating a site page a “rich” object in the online network. Also, Open Graph Protocol is a collection of codes that permit providing significant informal organizations like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and so forth point-by-point applicable data related to its pages.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the essential channel that inbound marketing endeavors for enhancing. This traffic is characterized as guests from a web index, for example, Bing or Google. Accordingly, paid hunt, show, or even disconnected missions could reveal look, that might expand natural traffic while those missions are executing.

Outbound Link

An outbound link, additionally known as an outer connection, is a connection from your site to an alternate website. The most ideal approach to shield individuals from leaving your webpage through outbound connections is by opening them in another program or browser window.

Page Speed

The time it utilizes for the content on a page to stack on a program or cell phone. While this is profoundly significant for client experience, this is additionally turning into an undeniably significant piece of SEO improvement; the more slow a page stacks, the fewer pages web indexes could creep inside their designated time of crawling.

Page Views

The occasions a client has visited a page of the website. Regardless of whether there are special clients visiting a page, or a similar client visiting a page on numerous occasions, they are completely considered a site hit.

Paid Search Traffic

The number of clients who go to a page by a paid commercial, commonly by a PPC channel, for example, Facebook Advertising or Google AdWord.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

A type of internet promoting in that publicists possibly spent for their advertisements when a client taps on them.


A bit of code is utilized for following an objective that resides in the site’s backend. Various stages have different pixels which all help various purposes. Pixels could follow transformations or structure fills, tally buy requests, and income from clients who get by an advertisement.

Programmatic Advertising

The utilization of programming to robotize the purchasing of advanced advertisement space. The purchasing along selling of promotion space is robotized by a progression of calculations for guaranteeing which advertisements are noticed by the correct crowd.

Quality Score

The Quality Score is Google’s appraising of the general client experience which your promotions and presentation pages give when clients find your catchphrase or keyword. It is spoken to on a size of 1-10, with 1 being the most minimal and 10 being the most noteworthy. You might test your Quality Score by taking a look at your report of keywords.


A query is a word or expression a client puts into an internet searcher with expectations of searching for a particular outcome.


The all-out count of perspectives content gets throughout a predetermined timeframe. With paid reach, a business would spend cash to contain an advertisement with higher permeability inside a focused on time span and segment, while a natural approach needs SEO to contain clients discover the organization themselves.


Remarketing is a strategy that includes demonstrating promotions to individuals who have looked at your site or utilized your portable application. This system is an especially financially savvy approach for expanding your business changes since you’re connecting with clients who have just communicated interest in your items or administrations.


Retargeting, otherwise called remarketing, is a type of internet promoting that could aid you to maintain your brand before ricocheted traffic goes away from your website. Retargeting is a device intended for aiding organizations to come to the 99% of clients who don’t change over immediately.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

A Google AdWords function permits organizations for making records dependent on client conduct from their site visit. Contingent upon the boundaries set, organizations could put labels to specific their site pages, putting clients who visit those pages to a rundown. Google would at that point connect treats, so when the client looks for comparative things, you could offer more for keywords, or target promotions to the client straightforwardly.

Return on Ad Spend

ROAS represents a return on advertising spend—a promoting metric that gauges the measure of income your organization acquires for every dollar it devotes to publicizing.

Robots Exclusion Protocol

A book document utilized for directing how an internet searcher could and couldn’t creep a site.

Return on Investment

The advantage got from specific speculation contrasted with the expense. In specialized terms, the formula is isolated by the expense, however could be founded on various measurements. For instance, an organization’s ROI in digital promoting could consider the expense of the interest notwithstanding leads and transformations as a component of the condition.

Search Engine

A product or stage which looks through the Internet-dependent on the questions of clients. The internet searcher would at that point represent the discovered data as a resultant page of web index. An internet searcher is an online tool that empowers clients for finding data on the World Wide Web.

Search Impression Share

A metric utilized inside Google AdWords is characterized as the impressions proportion got on a promotion isolated by the aggregate sum of impressions that were accessible for that advertisement. It is utilized for giving organizations a standard for their advertisement execution.

Search Engine Marketing

A type of PPC promoting which objectives clients’ web index brings about the type of applicable advertisements along with outcomes.

Search Engine Optimization

Joining components, for example, backline, great duplicate, along with keywords for driving traffic along with influence the permeability of a site naturally. It is accomplished by upgrading the site page’s content along with expanding its pertinence to specific keywords. Thusly, the site is bound for revealing when a client looks for the focused keyword phrases.

Search Engine Results Page

SERP is a page created by a web index because of a client search or query.SERPs show a rundown of various websites pertinent to the client’s pursuit. Paid commercial advertisement, if pertinent, might likewise show up in a SERP.The coming about rundown a client obtain subsequent to composing in an inquiry question in a web index. It could be a blend of advertisements and natural query outcomes.


The term of time a client devotes to a specific website page. It is a valuable measurement for deciding commitment and might require better content and a well-disposed UI for building normal meeting length.


A sitemap is a rundown of the substance of a site that could be gotten to by clients just as crawlers or bots. It may be a document where you show the structure of your site and connections among various site pages of your site.


An internet searcher insect, otherwise called a web crawler, is an Internet bot that surf sites along with doing a store of data for the internet searcher for indexing. It empowers clients for discovering applicable list items all the more proficiently.


Tags gather and get information dependent on client cooperation with a website page. These tags could aid in coordinating outsider applications, setting treats, along accumulating client information. A tag is a component incorporated for every page to be estimated. The tag is a little bit of code that is embedded into the source code of code. It permits the outsider examination device for logging associations on its worker.


It is a showcasing strategy that triggers the programmed exchange of a message to potential or genuine clients over the span of the client venture, for example periodically on a particular occasion. Frequently joined to a tag, it is a computerized reaction that happens depends on a client’s activity along with permits the tag for firing.


It is typically displayed in a browser’s address bar and used to specify and identify a location on the World Wide Web. URL stands for Unique Resource Locator. It is the unique address of a page or piece of digital content on the Internet. The URL of a page can be found in the navigation bar of a browser window.

UTM Tracking

A function that could be overseen inside Google Analytics, a UTM code is a little text expansion to the furthest limit of a web URL which permits organizations for following their web traffic. UTMs could be coordinated with online media posts, messages, and significantly other site pages for revealing organizations a thought of which endeavors are driving traffic to their site.
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Value Proposition

An assertion promising an administration or highlight which a client would profit by when buying an item or administration. A value proposition is a definitive all-encompassing contribution that you provide your clients which enhances them, their lives. It very well may be an administration, or item which they at that point provide for another person. Eventually, it’s the mix of both the item and the experience which you provide them.


In the A/B testing measure, the measurement is being tried or vary to figure out that alternative performs best, contingent upon organization objectives. The variable might incorporate the feature, CTA, advertisement duplicate, format, or timing. A representation in a programming language that speaks to an information thing, for example, a mathematical worth or a character string, which could vary its incentive during program execution.

Web page

A solitary page that works on a domain inside a site on the www. They are an archive composed utilizing HTML along information to be displayed which could be gotten by anybody.


A location on the Internet is comprised of an assortment of website pages that are associated with each other for having data and information. Your site is where many individuals would interface with your business. Both you’re on the web and disconnected promoting exercises would in all probability send clients to your site. Regardless of whether it’s for obtaining data about your administrations and items, for making appointments or buys, or for obtaining subtleties of contact.


An open-source content administration framework that permits organizations for incorporating modules, topics, and different administrations with a prior site. Organizations frequently utilize it for its managing content and capacity of creation.

XML Sitemap

The sitemap XML record in an XML document that is saved to a server of site. It has a rundown of all the subpages associated with the site. These records aid web indexes for studying the website structure.A device that aids web search tools all the more successfully creep a site. It is valuable for organizations with huge destinations or with countless site pages that are not connected to one another. Containing a sitemap would aid in arranging this information so it very well might be appropriately inventoried by a web index.


It offers progressed WordPress modules and administrations for aiding the use of client sites. It incorporates keywords along with analysis of SEO, Google reconciliations, along XML sitemap mixes. With respect to usability, Yoast SEO attempts for creating it very simple for clients to set it up. The module has an inherent onboarding visit, inline aid messages close to every choice, and exhaustive guidelines incorporated directly into the module itself.


A video-facilitating site and promoting stage which utilizes Google Adsense for aiding organizations to target advertisements. As a result of the different crowd of YouTube, it is regularly a decent decision for advertisers who need to upgrade their SEO. Not exclusively is your crowd on YouTube, yet as the web’s second-biggest internet searcher, YouTube could aid in enhancing your SEO and general presence of the brand. YouTube permits advertisers to introduce remarkable content that is simple for users to devour and share.

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