Why is Digital Marketing the Next Best Career Option?

Scrolled down the Facebook newsfeed or LinkedIn posts and found articles and advertisements related to Digital Marketing courses or jobs? Of course you would have! Digital marketing skills are on highest demand and the biggest buzz in the market currently.

Evolution of Digital Marketing

Looking 5 years down the lane, digital marketing did not even look like a real job in India. Companies were stuck in the traditional form of marketing, unaware of the wonders that digital marketing could do. But, the upcoming technologies and increasing business of companies that adapted internet marketing encouraged every big and small firm in India to accept the change.

You’ll be surprised to know that the digital marketing industry is worth $68 billion. It is heading up with a growth rate of 40% while others are stuck on 5 – 10 percent. Talking about future, about 1, 50,000 jobs are predicted for digital marketing by 2020.

This successful shift of marketing strategies has created a huge pool of digital marketing jobs all over the country. The best thing about digital marketing that it is not stuck to any industry type; every big and small scale industry can leverage the benefits of internet marketing. This makes a career in digital marketing in the next big talk among every enthusiast.

Now you have a slight idea about ‘why digital marketing?’ Let’s see what it serves for every person who wants to get in the field.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Be an In-demand Professional

As mentioned above, the number of job openings in digital marketing making way in the future. Well, it’s an advantage for those who have already taken up or signed up for digital marketing training – you’ve already made your place in the ever-growing industry. If you look for a job opening for the position on digital marketing manager in India on LinkedIn, you’ll find more than 500 job openings.

No Technical Skills Needed

Yes, you read it right! You don’t need any technical skills. All you need is the skill set and enthusiasm to do something new. Wouldn’t it be great to try out new set of skills apart from the same within the box of jobs? It won’t be wrong to say that your skills and knowledge can be your career, that’ll provide you job security and progress in career.

Not one, but more than one field

Digital marketing is a wholesome package made up of various modules including SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Web Analytics and many more. It’s one course that opens doors for many job profiles.

Get Paid More than You Expected

Do you know that digital marketing jobs are one of the highest paid jobs currently? The salaries for digital marketing freshers begin from approximately 3.6 Lakhs p.a. There are people with 10+ years experience in the industry earning more than 50 Lakhs p.a.

An Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

There are many of us who are not interested in a job. Working under someone’s instrctions is just not everyone’s thing. Digital marketing is the greatest opportunity for those who want to start their own business. When you know the demand of digital marketing in the market, you can use your business skills to provide similar services. If you have a strong social media presence or you are interested in building one, you can use it gaining more followers and start your own blogs or be a part of relevant online conversations.

Internet Marketing career options is that one field in present times where the demand in more than supply. Know more about digital marketing and avail the chance to be one by gaining a professional digital marketing training course.