Latest Facebook Updates To Know

Social Media is one of the trending platforms used by teenagers to old people. The platform is used to share information, pictures, videos and of course to know and connect with different people around the world. One of the best and greatly used social media channel is Facebook. Facebook has the biggest hold of users than any other social media channel. Talking about social media the trends and updates keep on changing daily. And to no surprise as Facebook is the most widely used app, its features and updates keep on changing rapidly.
Facebook updates itself with new features frequently in order to rank as the trending social media platforms. The updates are both interesting and useful. Facebook also includes platforms to promote business through them. So, you can say that it is not just a channel to chat with your friends, upload pictures and share posts but also a business promotion channel.
In order to stay updated with the updates and features it is necessary to be on social media and also read blogs and different articles related to it. So, to keep you updated with the latest Facebook updates here is the list of updates:


Thinking what this is supposed to be? Let us explain you. Ever thought what you would of your Facebook account once you die? Who will handle your account? What about your posts? There is perfect solution for these questions, it the legacy account which will help you. It is easy to add a legacy account. It is very easy to add a legacy account. You need to choose from your close friends, family friends or whom you want to manage your account. They can download, archive your posts. The person who will handle your legacy account can write a post on your timeline, accept request but all this will be done by him under his name not yours.


Facebook holds quite of your search history. This update lets you cherish your memories with your friends and family and relive that moment again. You can even share that as a moment of your life on your timeline and let your friends know about it. Moreover to make your search history relevant, this update lets you know what you had done on that specific day, date. You can now jump back in time and know your activity.


Facebook has come up with this update which lets to snooze a few posts or keywords for a period of time. Facebook focuses on user satisfaction and engagement, therefore it takes care of what its users are willing to see on their feed and what they do not wish to see. This update lets you snooze certain keywords which you do not wish to see. The posts containing those specific keywords will be hidden for you and will not be displayed. As far as groups, pages are concerned the content will be hidden for a period of 30 days.


This feature lets you update your stories, i.e. whatever you do in a day routine or any funny, emotional, thoughtful moment, you can upload its as your story. It is all about posting pictures and allowing the audience/friends to have a look. It is an update which lets you create and explore new things. Stories appear on your timeline, located on the top of the page before your daily feed. It is one of the most trending feature right now.


This is a great update which lets you know all the details about the sharing of your posts, be it likes or views or number of people who shared it, etc. Page owners who re-share video will now be able to take a glimpse of location of the people viewing the video, daily views of re-shared video and breakdowns of paid and unpaid video history.


This is a useful update for the advertisers. Advertisers can now run their ads through visual display click. They can run their own ads and manage their campaigns through this along with story ads. This feature helps you build a connection with the customers. These ads enable you to try on the products by just sliding into your camera and showing you the exact look.


You can now try on the apps before you actually install it and use. This feature is useful for those who run game and similar sort of ads. This will enable the users to try and test the game before they use it. This would lead to higher number of installs and experience it before use.


Forgot to prepare a video? Don’t worry, Facebook has come up with an update which allows you to create a video with step by step instructions. It is a tool kit which enables you to create a video. It also includes various templates.


By knowing your likes and dislikes, Facebook offers you a list of suggestion of pages that may be useful to you. It appears on your feed depending upon the posts you see, like, share or search. It aims at providing better understanding of what they can expect based on previous customer experiences.

All of the new updates focus on boosting the quality and efficiency of Facebook. The users change their platforms frequently and so does Facebook, just to retain its users. These new features will make it a better platform for all of us.