Frequently Asked Salesforce Interview Questions

Salesforce is a cloud computing based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that users can access from anywhere using the internet. Before salesforce, CRM solution software was being hosted by a company’s own servers. This took a few months and sometimes even years to set up and cost companies millions of dollars. Now, salesforce offers the same solution using the internet (cloud) for the fraction of the cost. This has made it quite popular. In 2018, salesforce became the world’s largest CRM provider. They have managed to capture 40% of the market in the cloud computing based CRM space and have a market share of 19.7 in the overall CRM space.

As more and more companies are opting for salesforce as their CRM platform, the demand for professionals who know how to operate it has also gone up. People are opting for a career in salesforce as it has a high demand, offers a high salary and provides a good job profile. As there is a lot of competition in this job space, it is important that a candidate’s skill and knowledge stand out from their peers. To ensure that they are hiring the right person for the job, companies ask questions to your knowledge in detail. You should look out for the following questions in an interview:

Is it possible for two users to have the same profile? Is it possible for one user to have two profiles?

Yes, it is possible for a profile to be assigned to multiple users. This helps entire teams to work together on the same. An example of a case can be of a sales team of a company where, the entire team is given the same profile to handle. However, one person can only be assigned one profile at a time.

What is custom object custom object in salesforce?

When it comes to salesforce, custom object refers to database tables that store data about your company on

What does a custom object allow the user to do?

After one has defined custom object, the user can perform tasks such as: make custom fields, track events and tasks, put together page layouts, create custom tab, examine custom object data, construct custom dashboard and reports, and distribute custom tabs, app, etc. These tasks are not possible until custom object has been defined.

What is What are the different types of sand boxes when it comes to sales force?

A sand box is a copy of the production environment which is used for testing and developments. It comes in handy when one wants to test a new app or a visualforce page. This allows a person to develop an app without facing any difficulties and then shift metadata and data to the production environment. Types of sandboxes are: Developer, Developer Pro, Partial Copy, and Full.

What is self relationship?

A lookup relationship to the same object is known as self relationship. It is on this ground that allows users to take the object ‘merchandise’ and form relationships with other objects.

What can cause data loss in salesfroce?

There are many things that can occur in salesforce that can cause data loss, such as: manking changes to data and date-time or shifting to percent, number, and currency from other data types or altering from muti-select pick list, checkbox, auto number to other types or changing from multi-select playlist from any type except pick list or changing to auto number except from text or shifting from text area to email, phone, URL and text.

How does salesforce keep a track of sales?

Salesforce tracks sales with the help of number of customers served daily, day by day sales volume, reports from sales manager, sales figures, and customer activity.

How many types of relationships are offered by

There are two types of relationships recognised by salesforce: master-detail relationships and lookup relationships.

What is a trigger?

The code that is executed before or after the record is updated to inserted is known as a trigger.

What are the different types of reports available in salesforce?

The reports that are available are: reports in tabular form that displays the grand total, matrix reports that groups based on rows and columns, summary reports that are in great detail, and joint report which attaches two or more reports into a single report.

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