What Is Hummingbird Algorithm?

Hummingbird Update for Google search Engine Optimization ( SEO) 

Very silently Google has changed the exhaustive search algorithm for its search production. It has been nearly 3 years now since Google has been dingle-dangle out the new algorithm. It is just that they determined to let the world know more about Google and its algorithm, SEO, Google PPC, etc.

There will be the impact of this is arduous to state right now. It could be a few search queries get impacted or maybe all of them get impacted. The practitioner’s of Digital Marketing was waiting to watch how search traffic is affected for their concerned websites.

For example:-Someone would search for “Digital Marketing Course in Pune” or “Seo training institute Pune” what we could see that no link on website but we found respective result given by Google itself. What did it mean? Is Google trying to extract out content providers which just provided information for services not their own or were they trying to sincerely go for a better user experience as in no need to go to any website for information needed it is all available on Google itself?

Definitely structured data or schema implementation would have an impact on local searched. Schema lets you provide Google with exact data that you would want your patrons to see when they do a search.

For example: search for “Victorious Digital Institute Pune address” the result set is not a link to our website but the address is displayed directly for the users which is a better user experience.