Five Things you had no clue Google Analytics could do

Days are gone when businesses keep an eye on their potential customers only. Nowadays, businesses are constantly keeping eyes on their visitors in order to convert them into happy customers.

Many businesses are using Google analyst to tract their visitors. Yes, with the help of Google Analytics, we can track who is on site – live that is real data and also track the numbers of visitors per year, month and hour. It is depends on need.

Here are five things that Google Analytics can do –

  1. Import data from other sources.

Successful business always uses the variety of system and tools to get better ROI. Therefore, a centralized dashboard is required to keep all the data at one place. With the help of data import function you can combine data from external source with the data collected via analytics. In such a way Google Analytics provides you a better picture of your business and thus you can make wise decisions.

  1. Show real-time traffic data.

With the help of Google Analytics you can track – how many visitors are on your website now. Also you can find out what pages they are visiting and when they have leave. It is one of the most informative and useful function.

  1. Determine the geographic locations your website visitors come from.

No matter whether you are targeting some specific cities and countries or entire world, Google Analytics can show you the location report. Google Analytics determines geographical locations from a website visitor’s IP addresses & internet service provider’s ranges.

  1. See which devices your visitors are using.

With the help of Google Analytics you can easily find out whether your visitors are using computer, tablets or mobile to visit business website. It will help you to find out whether or not you have the requirement of mobile friendly website. Well, it is always suggested to optimize your website for all visitors.

  1. Track the path visitors take through your website.

Would you like to know what attract to your website traffic, if yes, then Google Analytics can help you. You just need to click on “Behavior Flow” and you will see each steps that your visitors have made. Also, you can analyse what attracts and what your visitors hate that’s why they leave site immediately. This is one of the most powerful function for business growth.

Track your ecommerce performance, Track clicks on your site, see your conversion rates for other goals, Segment the traffic for more insight, View the interests of the visitors, Analysis the results of your longer-term marketing campaigns are another important functions of Google Analytics. But Above five functions are very useful for the success of any business or brand. If you want to learn or apply then you should contact with professional digital marketers.