Voice Search Optimization

Are you still not aware of voice search SEO optimization? If your answer is No, then read the following article till the end. It will help you to grow your business in ‘19.

The way people searching online is changing; now, people use voice searches on smartphones, laptops to find out information on the internet.

You may be familiar with voice search devices like Alexa, Siri, Amazon echo.

What is voice search?

Voice search is a technique, where users can search on the web using voice commands.
Voice searches is not new, but it will dominate other techniques in 2019, Focus on getting your website voice search optimized. To understand voice search optimization, we must know search engine optimization (SEO).
Let’s revise some basics of digital marketing, what is SEO? SEO is process of optimizing your website to rank higher in SERP to gain more organic traffic.

Important Factor of voice search SEO

Improve page speed

It plays important part in voice search SEO. voice search result page load 52% faster than average page. Google latest algorithm that made sites loading speed a more important ranking factor. User doesn’t like to wait, if you want to rank in voice search, make sure your site loads as quickly as possible.

70% of voice search result URL’s have taken https so you should also setup “https” for website, if you are spending time and money on creating SEO friendly content. Implementing https may improve chances of appearing as voice search result. https websites dominate Google’s voice search result.

Report data says Google voice results tend to be very concise. Average voice search answers of voice search query is 29 words, so if you are optimizing content for goggle assistance try to make your answers snippet short and still providing answer to query. Simple easy to read content help with voice search seo, simple language make it easy for goggle to understand content. Google prefer short answers to voice search query.

Schema markups have very little impact on goggle voice search result but it uses more than average text searches. Schema improves search visibility on any platform. . Voice search result comes from pages that use ‘schema markup’. Use of structure data markup gives voice search devices more information about website.

Research on what people search relevant to your business. Many voice searches are local in nature, so having up to date Google my business page is plus advantage for business. Most important part of seo is a local seo which give location benefit to business, so it’s important to have your business listed on Google my business, as local results tend to come up in location-based voice searches.

Back links also plays a crucial role in voice search as voice search algorithm relies on domain authority over page authority. Authoritative domain produces voice search result much more than non Authoritative domains.
Voice search algorithm usages social shares as signal. Engaging content perform well in search engine environment. Publishing highly shareable content may improve ranking as a voice search result.

No need to create content for every signal keyword that you want to rank because only 1.71% voice search result use exact keyword in their title tag. Google will try to match search query with keywords from content that is Google explore entire page to get best matches.

Very few voice search results had exact query in title tag therefore creating individual pages for each voice search query is not good option. Average word count of voice search result page is 2000 words. It shows voice search answers from long form content. Content that rank high in desktop search is most likely appear as voice search answers. 40% of all voice search answers come from ‘featured snippet’.

Voice searches are longer than text-based searches so it is less likely that exact phrase is going to appear in limited space of title tag. Write in-depth a long content that can answer several different voice searches queries.
When internet became part of one’s daily life, initially its access and use is limited. People started using on their desktop then laptop’s and slowly trend shifted to mobile, nearly 60% of searches are now performed on mobile devices and numbers increasing day by day.

As more and more people using mobile devices to search they find it’s easier to use voice search instead of typing text on tiny screen, it indicates that seo professionals should start thinking about content and seo differently.
There is difference in searches when user search via text search than voice search. when user uses text searches he might use less keywords to search as he has to type on tiny screen but when he use voice search he just have to talk, so he became more descriptive for his query. User will use long tail keywords while using voice search as he wants more specific answers for his query.

Voice technology made it easy for people to simply ask question and get information on their devices
It’s important to note that the whole purpose of this new technology is to offer best result to searcher. Remember, voice search is a not only trend that going to rise up in 2019, but a very important SEO strategy.