Different Job Roles in Digital Marketing

Internet has changed the way marketers reach out to their audience. Today digital marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies in the world. It has completely changed the landscape of marketing for the better. Old-school marketing tactics are getting ineffective day by day. Many business organizations are looking for individuals who are experts in digital marketing to fulfill their marketing objectives. This has lead to many job opportunities to open up for people looking for a successful career in marketing. So what are the most sought job roles in digital marketing?

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

In recent years, customer relationship management has become a key role in marketing. It is a very popular and cost-effective way of increasing the revenue for customers. CRM benefits the entire sales cycle by helping sales teams close more deals quickly and help everyone reach their target sales.

Pay-Per-Click Manager

Google Pay-Per-Click advertisements have effectively boosted the customer acquisition of e-commerce organizations. Due to this, many more companies are now willing to spend more on paid digital advertising than before. As a result, organizations are looking for people who can manage paid digital advertising for them.

User Experience Designer

User experience is very important especially when business is carried out online. That is why user experience optimization has become a priority for them. That is why companies are looking for web designers who can design websites that are user-centric.

Web Analyst

Web analysts are charged with various kinds of duties. Tasks such as tracking activities to determine the return on investment on acquisition, conversion rate, trend and data reporting, exploring new opportunities, understanding on-site customer behavior and experience, etc.

CRO Manager

Having a CRO manager in an organization is a fairly new concept. Businesses have become more concerned about applying strategies that cost more and don’t give enough returns. His job is to optimize traffic and improving the conversion rate on the website.

E-commerce Trading Manager

A trading manager plays a very big role in an organization. His job is to work closely with customers and develop a solution that will optimize the sales of the organization. They are also responsible for stock, pricing, promotions, etc.

Head of Digital Acquisition

Digital Acquisition expert is a fairly new job role which is very much in demand. His role is to develop and enforce digital strategies of businesses that focus mainly on paid advertising. He has to analyze data and identify opportunities and optimize digital marketing strategies to grasp the opportunities that the market presents.

Head of Multi channel Marketing

The Head of Multi channel Marketing is a complex job which requires high-end digital marketing skills and traditional offline marketing experience. His role is to create a consistent brand across all channels. He has to analyze data and device marketing strategies that improve customer experience and are cost effective.

Technical SEO Manager

A technical SEO Manager is charged with conducting SEO efforts including developing and executing On page and Off page strategies, conduct keyword research, review technical issues and recommend solutions, optimize website pages, and collect data and report on traffic.

PR and Social Media Manager

The duty of a PR Manager is to maintain a positive public image of the organization through communication, accomplishments and point of views of the organization. He creates and posts content on social platforms that are engages the audience and helps gain perspective on the market situation and devices marketing strategies to promote business.

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