Micro Moments Marketing

Micro-moments is a term made by Google which describes a condition or situation or an instance where the customers see something or need something in their surroundings and want to buy a product which they require at that moment. Such customers will surely buy the product and there is 90 percent of the probability that they will buy it. Now for an example, if a girl sees red high heels and wants to purchase the same; so she will go to Google search engine and search “Buy online red high heels”. This is that moment when you see something and you immediately want to buy the product using a device (usually mobile). This will ignite up the beginning of a customer’s purchase journey.

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According to Google, such moments are known as needs driven which are classified into four categories -, ‘I want to do’, ‘I want to buy’, ‘I want to go’, and ‘I want to know’ moments. So if you are having a product selling company then these things are must be kept in mind before understanding customer behavior.

With the help of micro-moments knowledge, a business will get to know the insight into buyer behavior which will help them in decision making in the digital issues.

Therefore, optimizing for micro-moments gives your brand a benefit over your competitors and it can also speed up their customer’s buying rate and thus increase your company sales.
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Google suggests that there are major 3 factors to success regarding micro-moments.

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So to capitalize on micro-moments, a firm must follow three commandments –

Be there with a mobile-optimized content

It has been found that when a buyer wants to buy a Smartphone,
90% of them are not certain of whom they want to buy when they start looking for information online. So instead of promoting other things, you should first focus on showing a simple theory enough to please the customers and make sure that the content is mobile optimized content.
Due to this, many businesses will often outsource to such company which has a good search engine optimization (SEO) services.
Keep in mind that a business needs the there for those who are looking to ‘be there’ for micro-moments, for this you need to put a good effort on SEO.

Be Useful

Every business has a key to success that can get through by getting people’s attention and interest. So to capture the interest and desire of your customers you need to be there in their ‘I want to know’, ‘I want to buy’ ‘I want to do’, and ‘I want to go’, moments, and you also need to go a little more than just showing up so for this your product must publish timely, and update new content, and look for the information they want in an instant. This is how you will succeed in your business.

Do you know? that ‘being useful’ is one of the best terms for influencing customers, and completely transforming them from a visitor to the customer, and also helps in the increase of buying journey in a micro-moment.
According to Google, almost all of the Smartphone users have purchased a mobile from a business because of the usefulness and effectively describing the content of a company’s product. So, in other words, we can also say that a good content marketing is absolutely a total game changer in this scenario. Therefore for a business to be a successful one you need to build a good strategic plan for content marketing.
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Be Quick

In this digital world, a slow and steady effort does not win any race of micro-moments. Instead, a business will need to match the needs of their audience and removes the obstacle to conclusion making and give instant result. A micro-moment is usually carried on a mobile device as the instant they see a product; they will quickly search it online in their mobile phones. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to make a responsive website which is having high page loading speed. A slow page speed or gating information can increase your website bounce rate and thus lowers your sales.
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So how will you win micro-moments?

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The main factor to the success of every business is marketing for which you need to understand your customers and their needs. Here are some ways which will help you in this process –

1. Identify your consumer’s moments – There are 4 four categories of micro-moments which are -, ‘I want to do’, ‘I want to buy, ‘I want to go, and ‘I want to know’ moments.
Talk to people or research more about online discussions, so that you know about the common necessities of a customer which your firm can provide. Plus you also need to figure out when, where, and how customers are researching and making purchase decisions.

2. Be there in such moments of need – Once you know when and where your customers do researches and create a strategy that works across multimedia channels like video, search, social, and display.

3. Show relevant content – So to convert a visitor into a customer, you need to satisfy them with your provided content which will satisfy them and prompt them to buy a product from your website. Look at how people are searching such as the questions they ask, the keyword terms which will clear their queries.

Make it easy for your customer to buy the product by providing multiple ways to buy with many instructions and few clicks.
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