Future Of Digital Marketing By 2020

In more than two years it will be 2020- a new decade, new technologies, new trends, and yes, also new customer behaviors. Everything will be more efficient and productive. By 2020 everything will change. Digital Marketing trends and patterns will also go through a change. The quickest shift will be from desktop screen to mobile. There will be personal touch for everything. Already mobiles are quite rapidly replacing desktops.

Website designs will depend upon the customers’ characteristics, this means that there will be customization and will be designed personally for people. Predictions based on available data will be made. There are chances that by 2020 there will be predictive analytics ability. Data and strategy will be the main components in knowing the brand’s ROI gathered from digital campaigns. The scope of digital marketing and the future of digital marketing both are going to be brighter. According to the survey, there are 500 million internet users currently.

The fact that socializing has risen so far is because of the quick rise in the ranks of your websites. Professionalization technologies, for example, Geo-tagging and the targeted marketing methods we’re seeing more and more of, comes in second with 45%. Up next is the Internet of Things, racking up 39%. If you’ve never heard of the Internet of Things before it’s basically our linked system of devices. Everything from tablets to smart TVs to smart fridges – to whatever comes next!

By examining the marketing trends and tools today, we can piece together an exciting new future for digital marketing. Let’s take a look at what could be happening two years from now and get a better idea.

    1. The trend of augmented reality is ongoing right now AR apps, glasses are increasing potentially. It seems like there will be a strong impact of this worldwide. By allowing customers to see the future benefits of a product or a service very clearly TODAY itself, sales teams will be able to close deals faster, while enhancing the overall buying experience for the customers. The benefits of Augmented Reality are high and valuable. It provides a personal touch, personalized solutions, and real-time interactions. For example, the VR experience enables a customer to walk into a fully furnished kitchen, open cabinet doors, and even cook!
    1. Many companies are taking advantage of Influence Marketing already. Individual personalities with expertise in niche areas and those who can connect at a personal level will be most sought after by marketers. Influence marketing is not a new concept but is most likely to emerge by 2020. So far it has mostly been used in light of specific campaigns to sell a few products, but we expect to see it grow into a continuous strategy rather than something that focuses on, for instance, a single product.
    1. Automation software and technology virtual assistants will be used in the future to manage all the content and data flooding across the digital world. With the help of Big Data and Hadoop acting as the main component, companies will be able to formulate strategies with predictive analysis. Cloud-based statistical data will be an easy method to provide personalized data to marketing campaigns. For example, instead of directly marketing activewear, a firm could directly target fitness enthusiasts in gyms after they subscribe for a membership and are looking for new activewear.
    1. Videos will gain a lot of demand, especially live videos and 360 videos. Virtual presentation of technology, storytelling, and product detail would be covered through a video. Many companies have been leveraging videos already. It is a successful example of the fusion of creativity and technology along with simultaneous execution. Videos are a quick and effective way of presenting the content to the audience.
    1. Artificial Intelligence is going to take over everything in the world. It probably would be the best technology so far. It is only going to evolve and get bigger and relevant. We think that it will continue to be used in a range of marketing applications, including content creation, voice and face recognition, and Chabot, and we’ll definitely see it being used in marketing strategies. AI could well become the norm in terms of a marketing strategy because of its increasingly accurate ability to analyse consumer behavior and feed into a better, more interactive, and personalized purchasing experience.
    Siri, Alexa both are personal assistants which are already used by people in their day-to-day life. Further, this technology will help individuals as well as businesses. They will track your personal activities, maintain a record and update you with the tasks you need to accomplish in a day. Everything will be done by AI even if you don’t ask for it.

Keep the focus on your customers and think about these changes which might happen this will result in winning marketing initiatives ahead of the digital marketing innovation curve. To learn more about Digital Marketing course join the best Digital Marketing course in Pune.