How to become a self made digital marketing expert?

A dedicated person who religiously studies/practices some course material/ skillset in a rigorous manner and is clear on almost every concept, without much hesitation while facing basic questions, that person may proclaim himself/herself as a self-made expert on a given field.

It can be said that becoming a self-made expert, is like endeavoring into unknown territory, all alone to acquire some wisdom (in the form of knowledge) or to learn a new skill. Such a journey is a bit risky as it requires a bit of dedication but once a person is alert, willing to learn, and also has the ability to rectify and learn from mistakes, that person can definitely become a self-made digital marketing expert.

People today, prefer spending more time on the internet instead of any other medium. So the digital marketing professionals also have to be ready with tech-savvy methods to provide solutions to people. If you are from a marketing background, you may consider learning digital marketing courses. There are various digital marketing courses that are being offered. Expertise comes with experience.

The best part of becoming a digital marketing expert is that it does not require huge investments. Only three things are required to start practicing on your own. A computer along with an internet connection and a small amount of money to linger into various investments so as to get an idea as to how things go and how to spend the money or rather where to spend the money.
To become a self made digital marketing expert, the following things are to be followed:

  1. You have to choose a topic that intrigues your interest and start writing a blog about it. Whatever relevant information which comes to your mind, you may share that in writing provided it should not be the word-to-word copy content from any other blog or website.
  2. SEO is a “must-know” topic to start writing SEO-optimized articles in your blog.
  3. Explore Google Analytics, and see if you are getting any traffic to your blog.
  4. A Google Ads account needed to research keywords so that you will get to know what people are searching in Google to find information on the topic of your blog.
  5. To promote your page, Facebook advertising is a very good way to generate some traffic to your blog/web page. Similar social media platforms can be used for effective advertising.
  6. Also, you can add some social media plugins to your web page/blog as this will enhance your chances of getting more traffic to your blog.
  7. Email marketing is also a very effective tool of marketing. One can easily sign up on, which costs a little money, but it helps to send bulk emails.
  8. People who dig interest into your blog may want to be a part of your blog who would like to get newly updated notifications. For this, you can embed email signup forms in your blog and allow people to subscribe to your blog. In this way, you will end up getting increased followers followed by traffic.
  9. You can also promote your Facebook page through email marketing and in turn, you will get more email subscribers from your Facebook page.
  10. Google ads are a great platform to promote your blog. You can start with a very low CPC bid or any other scheme which is suitable for you.
  11. By signing up for Google Ad-sense you can deploy advertising codes for your blog.
  12. Your blog can also be converted into a mobile-friendly blog and create mobile ads in google ads.

All the above-mentioned steps, if practiced for at least 30 days for 1 hour a day, may not make you a digital marketing expert, but definitely, it will give you some good experience. All the above mentioned steps comprise of major components of digital marketing. Following are the major components of digital marketing courses in pune

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital display marketing
  • Web analytics and reporting
  • Mobile marketing