Update The Knowledge About The Right Side Google’s Ads

Whether you are SEO experts, young professionals or students, you would be familiar with changes in search engines like Google and social media sites like Facebook. Of course, experts know deep and major changes while students are familiar with eye-seen changes and updates.

Google has surprised you with Google doodles. No doubt, it was the hot topic among students. And, students has spend enough time with their friends to change the images of Google doodles. It entertain alot!

Recently Google has surprised many marketers and young professionals by removing right side ads. Most of you search plenty of things from projects & assignments to food & restaurants to music to health care tips & centers. Even, some researches says that students search more topics than professionals. Most of you know that there are some ads at top, bottom and right side. Well, now, are not finding any ads at the right side of Google. Do you know, why? Because, Google is removing it. There are lots of reason behind such actions. And, most of you are too young for seo so it will be good if we discuss little bit about such ads. Such ads are pay per click ads where business owner has to pay the some amount of money to the Google at the every click. Some of you are thinking about the amount. So, the amount is not fix. Well, how Google decide the amount is the vast topic and it requires some real life experience so it is properly not a good time to discuss in basic knowledge session. So, come to the point- right side ads. Well, most of you have seen changes but are not curious about the changes.

No doubt, at the student level, you think, it’s not our business. But, be careful about this changes if you are going to make the career in SEO field. It is the major changes in search engines optimization field. And now, marketers are trying to figure out the impact that it will impart on the organic search result.

Experts are aware with the importance of such changes while most of the young professionals do not know such major changes. Well, seo is the constantly changing field and only with the help of updated knowledge one can get succeed in this area.

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The best seo training classes Pune will not only tell you major changes but also will teach you the impact on user comfort-ability and organic search results. Of course, there are lots of reason behind removing the right side ads. Well, we will discuss this on our next blog.

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