Google Is Removing Page Rank Toolbar

Google has decided to remove the pagerank toolbar from browsers. Many reliable source like search engine land etc shared that Google has confirmed the removing decision with them. Google announced that public will no longer to going to see the page rank in the coming weeks.

Well, some experts says, it us not a big announcement as Google is not updated page rank after 2013. After that Google does not updated it.

In 2000- Google first time show the page rank in the IE (Internet Explorer). Firefox also support the pagerank toolbar. But, it is surprising that Google own product “crome” does not have any pagerank toolbar so it is unable to show any data.

Well, according to some reports and reliable sources, internally page rank will be showed. It means, Google’s (working people in Google) can see all the data. But outside the Google, no one is going to see any data and page rank in the upcoming weeks.

Now there are few questions that can is revolving around marketers’ head. Is there will no requirement to building more and more links. Of course, Google and moz shared that focus on link quality instead of quantity. But still, some businesses are focus on the link building opportunities. Apart from these, we take high PR website to submit. Now, is we can make submission at any websites.

There are number of questions. But there is a good news. There will be no more links on the blog commenting. And, you have no need to worry about the PR.

Well, in seo, spam score also matter a lot. Apart from these, page authority, domain authority are another important factor. Most of the young professionals do not know the factors on which spam score, domain authority and page authority depends. Well, this is the perfect time to brush up the basic knowledge. A digital marketing classes Pune or seo training classes Pune can help you to clear out the basic and essential concepts.

Well, young professionals see how Google is making dramatic changes. One or two week ago, Google have confirmed to remove right side ads in the upcoming days. And now, it has decided to remove PR (PageRank) toolbar from browsers. Hope, most of you have understand the importance of keep updating in the world of digital marketing. Remember, your career will be finished if you have no learning habit.

Come to the point, do you know most audience are not familiar with toolbar PageRank. Yes, a survey showed that people don’t enable the PR toolbar. Well, is it the reason to remove toolbar or there are some other reasons too?

Well different experts have different views. But, hot topic is about the link submission process. This time it is advisable to do off page seo after checking Spam score, DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). And stop buying and selling links if you do. Of course, Google and seo moz is said this before some years. But, people are again doing that to make website seo friendly in the less efforts and minimum amount of time. Professionals who have learned seo and digital marketing from the best and right digital marketing classes Pune are familiar with its impact. But, some consider it in gray hat seo. But, in reality, it is black hat technique.