Social Media Marketing Trends to Stay Updated With

Are you planning to make a career in social media marketing? Do you know the current social media marketing trends? Well, if you don’t, you need to stay updated; but, for now, you are in the right place.

Did you know that one-third of the total world population is accessible through social media? Even businesses have started taking social media marketing investments seriously. Over 1 billion new users have joined various social media channels in the last five years.

Social media is one of those technologies that focus primarily on people. This gives companies to connect to their prospects at a much personal level. For this reason, companies are looking for social media marketing experts to invest in giving every potential candidate to avail the opportunity and pursue a complete social media course from a renowned social media marketing institute.

I have listed a few social media marketing trends that you must be aware of.

Visual marketing is the new fad

Heard of Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Periscope, and many more such terms? Streaming live has become the new thing adapted by companies. Along with that, businesses have started focusing more on visual graphics to attract more visitors to the page and website.

Personalizing is now necessary

Business owners want to tell their audiences that they are personally getting in touch with them. Knowing about the competition in the market and the number of ads and commercial content from various sources reaching the public has made businesses break through the barriers and reach the people more effectively.

Social media executives are expected to track the behavior of audiences; learn about their interests and come up with new ideas to get more visitors.

Need of brand advocacy

Ad saturation is creating a sense among business owners, thus forcing them to look for alternatives. This is one of the reasons why advocate marketing has taken a steep rise in recent times. Micro-influencers have become the key to increase brand publicity because they are considered more credible now.

New networks getting the limelight

Social networking is not restricted to Facebook, Linked In ad Twitter. Businesses are leveraging the power of every small and big social media platform for brand promotion. Snapchat, Wechat, Vine, etc are the emerging social media channels that are used for brand promotions.

It is important for every digital marketing executive to stay updated with the new trends and learn the basics at least. If you are not much knowledgeable about social media marketing you need to get at least social media marketing training.

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