Top 9 Online Digital Marketing Courses in India, Course Duration & Fees

Hey you! Are you seriously looking for a PERFECT Online Digital Marketing Course to join? Do you want to build your career in Digital Marketing? No matter wherever you live in India, here in this blog you will get to know about The Best Online Digital Marketing courses in India with a comparison study.
Digital Marketing these days has become one of the most demanding career options. It is one of the best futuristic careers. So, we advise everyone who wants to make a career in Digital Marketing should go for a Digital Marketing Course. This would be a great investment from their end as this field is continuously evolving and buying pattern is also changing with this. Marketing is the only field that is not going to vanish, but it will keep evolving!

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Let’s go!

Here is the list of the top online Digital Marketing courses & training institutes in India


2. Udemy

Udemy is an American online course provider founded in 2010. It provides certification training with recorded videos by the experts. The prices of the digital marketing courses are moderate but the only thing is you won’t get any personalized training. They have some free training videos too, you can check. Udemy clubs more than 10 courses in one video and it also has a scheme of 30 days money-back guarantee. In digital marketing, Udemy covers topics like Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Social Media Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Search Engine Optimization, Advertisements, Sales, Content Marketing, Ecommerce, Growth hacking, etc.

3. Coursera

Coursera is also an American open online course provider founded in 2012 by Stanford University. It is collaborated with different universities and organizations to offer different online courses. Coursera also offers a Digital Marketing certification course which approximately takes 8 months to be finished also they have individual courses related to digital marketing from basic level to advanced, the medium of the courses in English. After completion of the course, you will get to handle real-time projects too. The courses are generally offered by different universities and organizations.

4. DY Patil Online

DY Patil online is one of the online digital marketing training institutes that provide a Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing. Any diploma holder or graduate can apply for the course. It mainly covers all the topics related to Digital Marketing starting from digital marketing strategy creation to emerging & latest trends in information technology. It also has assignments to complete then only you will be able to earn the certificate.

5. Simplilearn

Founded in back 2009, initially, it was just a project management blog but now they have almost acquired the world! Simplilearn keeps continuously publishing free long content on digital marketing on their YouTube channel. Simplilearn was founded by Krishna Kumar. They have 2 types of learning processes- 1. Self-paced learning and 2. online Flexi pass. Courses cost around 13,000 to 22,000.

6. Upgrad

It was started in 2015, The vision of the upgrade is to assist the marketers to understand the entire marketing rather than just focussing on a specific part of it. The training includes three major components – understanding the different marketing concepts, experiencing those with the expert talk and interaction, and applying those concepts in real life. UpGrad has experienced success within a few months from the launch. UpGrad is currently offering 2 types of digital marketing certification courses: 1. The advanced certificate in Digital Marketing and communication & 2. The advanced certificate in digital branding and advertising. Upgrade has the faculties from MICA. The average duration of the courses is 6 to 11 months and honestly, the fees are quite higher.

7. ClickMinded

ClickMinded is an online digital marketing training platform, that provides both free & paid digital marketing training with proper certification. You can buy all the courses together or can choose separate courses according to your need. It mainly focuses on teaching you how to generate sales quickly and increase traffic to your website.
Here is how to earn the Digital Marketing certificate from ClickMinded:
– You have to take all the 6 courses they have: Social Media Marketing, content marketing, email marketing, paid to advertise, sales funnel, and SEO.
– After each of the modules you have to pass the exams to earn individual certificates,
– Once you complete earning all the 6 certificates, you will get the ultimate one.
The courses are quite costly and start from $997.

8. Talentedge

Talentedge with the collaboration with XLRI Jamshedpur offers an Executive Development Program in Digital Marketing. The duration of the course is 6 months and would be done through live interactive 1.5 sessions for2 days. This course is mainly for the working professionals who have completed graduation or diploma from any recognized university (any stream) and at least have 3 years of working experience. Not only Indians, international candidates can also join this course. Proficiency in verbal & written English is compulsory.
Who can join this course:
– Marketing Managers,
– Sales & Marketing Professionals
– Entrepreneurs
– IT professionals

9. Great learning

Great Learning offers a post-graduation program in Digital Marketing in collaboration with Great Lakes Executive Learning, thus having graduation is a must for this course. The duration of the course is 6 months. They generally have micro-batches with a personalized training facility. The digital marketing post-graduation certificate is provided by Great Lake Executive Learning.

To conclude
Now that, you have a complete list of the best online digital marketing courses in India, you can choose one of them, but always keep your focus on building a great career in digital marketing. Choose them who can fulfill all your requirements. Digital marketing is a skill-based subject. The more you develop your skill in it more opportunities will open up for you. From small to large, all kinds of organizations are now going online, so the demand is also increasing.
Due to the pandemic, things are going online and some are already started. So, it won’t be a bad decision if you want to learn online.
If you still have any questions or doubts, please check the FAQ section below, you might get your answers, or do contact us on 9545022110, we will be happy to serve you!

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