Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

If you are a person looking to start a carrier in marketing or if you are a business wondering what your business strategy should be, you should know about the pros and cons of traditional marketing compared to digital marketing. In the pre-internet era, businesses used to promote their business the traditional way i.e. through television and radio or through advertisements in the newspapers and magazines. But, the internet has changed the world and marketing has changed with it. With the rise of social media, people are spending more time online than reading newspapers or watching television. Moreover, the internet can fetch the information that people are searching for in a matter of seconds. This has changed the way people live. They search for information about the thing that they want to buy online instead of going to shops or looking at advertisements in the newspapers. Therefore, businesses have recognized that digital marketing is something that they just cannot ignore.

So, you should decide whether or not to go for traditional methods of marketing that are still prevalent or start marketing on the internet where entire populations seem to be spending more and more time. To make this tough decision, you should consider the following points:-

Cost of Advertising

If you are looking to advertise through traditional means, television or even if you are looking to place a small advertisement in the newspaper it is going to cost you a lot of money. But if you advertise online, it will cost you significantly less in comparison. Online advertising is the best option for all kinds of organizations especially start-ups.

Quicker Results

If you look at traditional marketing, you have to wait weeks or sometimes even months before you see the results of your marketing efforts. But your online efforts will give you results in real-time. You can see everything in real-time such as the number of visitors to your website, conversion rates, bounce rates, etc.


If you are looking to promote your brand through traditional methods, you have limited flexibility like a tiny space in a newspaper. But if you do digital you can have an entire website to yourself. If you have a blog then you can publish what you want when you want. This kind of flexibility is only available to you in digital marketing.


If you place an advertisement on the television or the newspaper, no matter what you will not have access to everyone you want to reach out to. But through digital marketing, you can reach out to the entire world.

Higher Customer Engagement

Traditional marketing does not really give you direct access to your customer. You cannot interact much with your targeted audience. Getting responses from them is a long and tedious process. But, digital marketing allows you to directly connect with your audience in real-time and get immediate responses from your audience.

As we can see from the above argument, digital marketing is the best way to promote a business, no matter how big or small. But learning the art of digital marketing is equally important. Not knowing the techniques properly will not allow you to exploit the different avenues of online promotion completely. Therefore, for the purpose of learning joining the right digital marketing institute is very important. Join Victorious Digital to get the best digital marketing training in Pune.