Long Tail Keywords Are Good For Search Engine Optimization

Do you know that long-tail keywords rank approx 206% higher in master consumer search intent and organic search? The more surprising fact is that search engine optimization (SEO) is responsible for 49% of blog traffic while social media account handles 7% of traffic. It is the recent study of Hub Spot. Well, apart from the study, how many digital marketers know the effective and efficient strategy to improve sales?

No doubt, there will be different strategies for different businesses. Well, in this blog, I was an expert in Digital Marketing is not going to discuss the strategies that will work perfectly for the different niches of business. First, you need to know the very basic concept of these days. Use long-tailed keywords. Yes, long-tail keywords give a more relevant result. Let try to understand with this simple example. Almost all of us love pizza. If you search for pizza, then you will get lots of results. While you will type pizza in Pune, then you will get more specific results.

Well, now you think that how to use efficient long-tail keywords. Well, below, I am going to explain you.
First, if you want to select perfect and effective keywords for your targeted audience, then you have to understand what your content is trying to deliver. Until and unless your objective is not clear then you cannot get the best results.
Once you have chosen all the desired keywords based on the target persona information then you will have to ensure that all the keywords match the consumer search intent.

It is always better to use free tools to get keywords. Like Keyword Planner will help you to select the keywords. It will show all the possible results of keywords. Once you find keywords, then you need to use another SEO tool like SEO MOZ or something else. So, you know that you many searches are gone through national and all over the world.
Once you have made a list of the keywords, then you need to start sorting out keywords. No doubt, you want to target all the keywords on the first or second page of search engines. But still, there will be few keywords that you wish to see only on the first page. Right? So you need to sort out keywords.

Now, most of you are thinking that how many keywords should be targeted. Well, some experts will suggest you target hundreds of keywords same time while some will go to only ten keywords. I an expert in digital marketing first suggest you target only fifteen keywords. This time, you need to know that it will happen that the keywords that you have not chosen will start ranking. Also, at the initial level, only seven to eight keywords start ranking in search engines.
So, you have no need to worry because it is a positive result. Also, I will suggest taking help from a reputable digital marketer or expert if you are going to start research on keywords the first time. And it is always better to join digital marketing training institutes in Pune to learn about keyword research and efficient digital marketing strategies.