Vedic Maths Introduction

Vedic Maths is a collection of Sutras (Techniques) to solve the complicated and huge mathematics arithmetic in faster and easy way.  It is an ancient system of calculation. Indian Monk Sri Bharati Krishna TirthajiMaharaji rediscovered this ancient system from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918.

Also thefirst book on Vedic mathematics is written by swami Bharti and published in 1965. The beauty of Vedic mathematics is one can solve huge problems and difficult sums through mental calculations only.

According to swami Tirthaji, entire Vedic mathematics is based on sixteen Sutras (formulae) and fifteen sub sutras. There is no need to use pen and paper as problem solved by mental calculation techniques. For an example complex calculation like 12121232 x 11 is typical to solve within 20 seconds. Also, most of us cannot solve by using pen and paper. By using Vedic Mathematics you can solve in few seconds without using pen and paper.

Also, you have no need to remember large amount of stuffs. It only requires tables till 9. It not only save the time but also differentiate you from others as you can solve complex problems on figure tips.

Well, if you are confused whether or not the answer is correct. The good news with Vedic Maths is you can cross check your answers. Also, the cross checking process is not only time consuming but also very easy.

All sutras are very simple and easy and remember. But, one needs to do practice to take the advantage of Vedic Maths.

Big Advantages of Vedic Mathematics are:

  • COHERENCE:The most striking feature of the Vedic Maths is its coherence(consistency and logic). The Vedic system is not only interrelated but also unified. There is space for hotchpotch.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Therecan be more than one way to solve a problem but most of us use only one technique to solve a problem. The reason behind using a single technique is making easy to remember otherwise there is the possibility to mix up all the techniques. And as result it is not possible the correct solutions.

Well, in today’s era, adaptability and flexibility is became an essential part to get the success. Vedic system can help you to be flexible in calculation as in modern system we either go from left to right or right to left. But, Vedic maths has 2 or more solutions at a time.

  • MENTAL, IMPROVES MEMORY: The beauty of system is you can do entire calculation in mind. There is no need to be dependent on pen and paper type stuffs. Thats why it can help you to improve the memory.
  • Fun, Enjoy and Creative:For most of the students, maths is either boring subject or typical. But, Vedic system has such beauty that encourages students to be creative while doing maths. Also, it is not hidden that students enjoy Vedic Mathematics. It is easy, fast simple.