What Is Artificial Intelligence?

In this modern technology driven world, you definitely must have heard about the term AI. AI is an up and coming area of computer science and provides a lot of job opportunities. So let us try and understand what exactly is AI?
AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. This term was first coined in 1956 by John McCarthy at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Artificial Intelligence can be described as intelligence displayed by a computer; similar to intelligence displayed by a human, animal or birds. AI systems will demonstrate actions usually seen to be done by humans such as: planning, learning, problem solving, etc. It is popular in many industries and is being incorporated in many technologies to improve them. There are many AI training institutes that have opened in order to train people in this skill to fulfill the demand shown by the many industries looking to apply them.

AI has many applications in the modern world and is being used in many fields.

  1. AI can be seen being used in game playing. For example, there are machines that are available that can play chess on a master level.
  2. AI is being used extensively in the aviation industry. It is being used in aeroplane simulators in order to process data from simulated flights. AI can also be seen to be used by pilots during air combat. It is also being incorporated in auto pilot systems to make them fly an aeroplane like a highly experienced pilot so that it can respond to difficult situations such as severe weather, turbulence, etc.
  3. AI researchers are developing tools with the help of AI to solve problems in computer science. Many of these tools are being added to mainstream computer. For example, time sharing, functional programming, dynamic programming, etc.
  4. AI can be seen to be used at length in the field of finance. It assists financial institutions with market analysis and data mining. AI systems are helping in trading by making trading decisions at speeds greater than people are capable of, making trades without human intervention. AI is being used a lot in investment management where it gives financial advice and manages portfolio without much human involvement.
  5. AI has become common in industries and is being used in jobs which can be hazardous when done by humans. Robots have become effective at tasks that are repetitive and have helped in reducing accidents and speeding up production.
  6. AI also aids in marketing duties by helping with data analysis, forecasting, pattern classification. This helps marketers to make sound decisions and help improve marketing activities and ultimately increase profits.

AI is being used to improve traffic on roads. Cars now have AI to aid in self-parking and cruise control. It is also being used for traffic management. Self-driving cars are being developed using AI.

As you can see, Artificial Intelligence is being used in multiple industries in various fields. This is why there is a heavy demand for an AI developer. The better you are at developing it the better your prospects will be. That is why; it is important to learn the skills from a great institute. Victorious Digital is the best Artificial Intelligence training institute in Pune where you are taught by experts who teach you with the aim of making your job-ready. To know more contact us on: 9545022110