Tips For Professional Bloggers

Lately, Blogging is one of the most productive things that one can do online. It is a term developed over the past decade but is now a trending way of communicating to audiences online. Blogging is an expressive content marketing strategy. Blogging is a vast topic. To start blogging two main things that a blogger needs are knowledge and concentration. Blogging helps you earn money.
Before starting off with the tips for professionals, let us first understand the two main terms Blogging and Bloggers.


Blogging is a way of creating content and building a community. Blogging is a way of making impact on people’s lives and solving their real-time problems. It is the act of writing a blog. In simple terms, it is nothing but writing expressively. It is the way of influencing people.


A person who owns or executes a blog is known as a blogger. Bloggers are those who write various types of content, be it informational or entertaining. Bloggers are individuals who write regularly for a website or online journal.
This must-have surely given you a clear idea of what is blogging and who are bloggers. Now moving ahead with the tips, here are some tips that can change you from blogger to professional blogger.

    Keeping notes can make a great impact on your blog writing. Numerous ideas may cross your mind while writing blogs. So to make use of each thought and ideas pen them down, you never know where it can be useful.
  2. Create your own content
    In order to build a reputation and rate yourself as a professional blogger, make sure you create your own content. The content you create should be unique and exclusive from others.
  3. Plan your things in advance
    Professional Bloggers are expected to be thorough with their work and available and working 365 days. Regardless of what goes on in your personal life, you need to work each day. It’s better if you plan your vacation or other things well in advance and work accordingly.
  4. Consistency
    It is very important to be consistent with your writing. Make sure you write on regular basis and submit the posts. You can lose your followers easily as compared to the time it takes to build traffic.
  5. Write attractive headlines
    Headlines are the most important part of your blog post. Writing interesting and attractive headlines will appeal the people to read your posts. No matter how great your content is, you might lose traffic if you do not give it an attractive headline.
  6. Be Yourself
    Simply be yourself. Do not try to copy someone else’s style of writing. Keep yourself free. By being yourself you can explore and learn new things and also understand what you are good at.
  7. Quality content
    Writing quality content is essential. You just can’t write anything to fill up the space. Be precise to what you write depending upon the objective of the blog. Quality adds value. This will increase your online reputation.
  8. Target your keywords at the end
    In order to be yourself and original, first, write down the whole post. Once you are done, go and research the keywords you need to target and amend your post accordingly.
  9. Understand what your audiences want
    To drive traffic to your posts, understand what your audiences actually want. Understand what they search on search engines. Think from the audience’s point of view.
  10. Include images in your blog posts
    People like to see visual content in between while reading blogs. Only written content can make your post boring to read. Images give a break to your content and make your post interesting. Using info-graphics is like a cherry on the top.
  11. Do not compare
    Don’t compare your blogs to others. Concentrate on your own ideas. Believing in yourself is very important. If you compare yourself with others then it will on lead to discouraging yourself.
  12. Use call-to-action
    Call-to-action is a way of generating traffic towards your brand. Each of the blog posts should include it. Show your readers additional sort of information, newsletters, or offers. You can do this by asking them a question, offering a demo, inviting to signup, or asking them to download.
  13. Avoid clumsy and cluttering sentences
    Keep it clean, fresh, and clean. Do not jumble or mix too many sentences. Keep your post uncluttered and simple. Make sure that people visit your page again.
  14. Track your posts
    Analyze your posts and track how audiences are landing on your blog. You can then tailor your posts. Your analytics can also help you determine ROI.
  15. Keep yourself updated
    It is essential to read various blogs. Trends keep on changing frequently. In order to come up with good posts, keep reading posts and do research.
  16. Include an email newsletter in your post
    Newsletters are an essential part of blogging. Adding email newsletter subscriptions to your blog can drive your traffic and keep the audience engaged.
  17. Add Videos to your blogs
    Videos can make your blog interesting and worth reading. Only content can make your blog boring, video will add up some spark to your blog.
  18. Make use of Anchor Text
    Anchor text is the blue underlined text which directs you to another page or website. Adding anchor text can be useful to generate traffic to your website.
  19. Use anecdotes and case studies
    Anecdotes have the capacity to make your blogs interesting and worth reading. It gives a break to serious content and refreshes people and therefore develops the interest in reading.

All the best to be a professional blogger!
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