Effective Video Marketing Plan For A Business

Before we jump into knowing the right plan for video marketing let us first take a gist of what video marketing is and why is important for business. Let’s begin!


Video marketing is a way of promoting and advertising your brand. It is a platform that helps you connect with your customers on social media channels. Video Marketing is an effective way of marketing that bridges the gap between what you want to say to who you are by allowing them to know you. It drives traffic to your website, generates leads and boots your likes and shares. Video Marketing is an extension of Digital Marketing. Video Marketing is a topic covered in most of the Digital Marketing Courses in Pune. It is a powerful tool to spread the world and reach millions of people across the globe. Video Marketing is an aid to a strong marketing campaign. Videos are narrative and have the capability to explain things in a matter of seconds. If it is used logically then it can drive your business to another level.


Video Marketing is a trending and powerful tool of marketing that can boost your online presence. Today, the whole world is onto turning digital. Also, social media is one the most widely used channel be it for entertainment or for business. Everyone has their own personal account on social media. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram are used widely. You can find your target customers here and attract them by creating interesting and engaging videos. Video Marketing needs to be taken seriously. Here are a few points expressing why it is important.

  1. Video Marketing increases the engagement of customers through video representation of the products. Visual content is the key to video marketing. Videos on Facebook business pages increase user engagement on a greater scale.
  2. A short video can convey a thousand words to your customers. Video Marketing is a perfect idea for brand awareness. One can build trust and connection with customers through a video
  3. Whatever people see visually they don’t easily forget it. Therefore video is of great use to businesses as they can convey their thoughts through it which also help the customers remember the information
  4. Videos give you a greater return on investment.
  5. Videos and mobile go hand in hand. YouTube has millions of users who watch videos on daily basis, therefore video keeps your audience growing bigger and bigger
  6. Accelerates better conversion rates.
  7. It gives businesses an opportunity to go viral and provides access to higher retention rates.

Video marketing provides the flexibility, relevance, and value that consumers wish. It is one of the rapidly growing and in-demand forms of marketing. Videos provide a versatile and impressive platform to reach the target audience and create a way of success for businesses.


    1. Contemplate your goal
    2. The first step is to pen down and elaborate your goal and have a definite and crystal clear idea of what is to be achieved. There can be a number of goals but they cannot be achieved within a single video campaign. Therefore, you need to decide what you want to determine from every video campaign. Once you have a clear idea of what your goal is, it becomes easier to plan the further aspect of your video campaign. Video Marketing is a versatile tool because it supports your overall marketing strategy. In order to have definite goals, draft an outline of the demographics of your audiences. Keep the motive to inspire and entertain while drafting your goal.
    3. Create a budget
    4. The cost of video marketing can differ depending upon the promotion channel you choose. Establishing a budget will help you plan your video making and will also help you plan the whole campaign within your budget. Budget planning reduces the risk of costs going out of hand. While creating your budget you need to consider ROI. ROI can be determined on the basis of your goals.
    5. Assess the type of video you want to make
    6. Third step is the most important. Only your definite goal can help you assess the type of video you want to make. Different goals is equal to different types of videos. Let’s hop in to different goals and video creation ideas.
    1. A. Goal of brand awareness: To achieve this type of goal you can make inspirational, eye catching and entertaining and unique videos which will drive more of attention to your website and also fit in the minds of people. You need to inform and explain the various aspects of your brand through your video.
    1. B. Goal to increase user engagement: For achieving this goal you need to reach larger number of audience and for that you need to go viral across the social media. This type of goal can be determined by allowing calls-to-action. You can ask the audience to comment their views or thoughts about the video.
    1. C. Goal of lead generation: Here you need to provide relevant and exact information about your product or services to convert them into a lead. Being precise is necessary. Do not over-hype. You can make how to do videos here and it will attract a number of leads. D. Goal of boosting sales: You can create demo videos so as to increase your sales. Animated and graphic videos would also work.


    1. Think on the topics you should include in a video
    2. Research and experiment can make you realize the different forms and styles of videos. Here you need to know your target audience to think of topics you need to include. You can make narrative or instructional videos. Focus on providing something that the audience will appreciate. Go beyond you goals and try something new and that will surely give you an integrated customer base,
    3. Three fundamental aspects
    4. To plant your video successfully you need to mind the three aspects.
    1. A. Extent of your video: The videos you make should be short and sweet. Audiences do not like to watch videos of longer time spans, so make sure your video is descriptive and covers all points in a shorter time span.
    1. B. Title of your video: Make sure you create interesting and attractive headings or titles because people tend to choose whether to watch the video or no based on the title of your video.
    1. C. Focus on the message: Videos are created with the motive of conveying the message. Therefore make sure each video you make conveys your message to the audience.


  1. Choose your distribution channels
  2. There are a number of platforms where you can upload your videos. The only thing is that you need to choose the right channel focusing on targeting a large audience. You need to go beyond YouTube. Choosing the right channel of distribution is necessary for the success of video marketing. Survey on where you can find a larger audience. People use various social media platforms so you need to optimize and share your video accordingly.
  3. Execute your video
  4. After you are done with all the above steps, you are now ready to launch your video efficiently. Post your videos on the chosen channels and set them free.
  5. Measure the performance
  6. Only by measuring the performance of your video you can determine reach and success. You can various analytical tools to inspect the reach of your video. This will help you know your performance and will also help you to understand where you need to optimize and amend.

Video Marketing is a time-consuming process but also an effective way of marketing. You only need to follow the steps properly to be successful in it. Hope this post was useful to you! Wish to learn more about video marketing, look in for the best video marketing courses in pune.