How to Become a Successful YouTuber?

YouTube is an American video sharing site. It was bought by Google back in 2006 and now operates as one of its subsidiaries. Most of YouTube’s content is uploaded by its users. These users are called YouTubers. Being a YouTuber has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It has made many people rich and famous over the years.
Many people have made careers as YouTubers thanks to the great earning opportunity it offers. So how do YouTubers earn money? Google adds Google AdSense to YouTube channels. For showing ads with AdSense for Content, YouTubers get paid 68% of the revenue. When it comes to AdSense for Search, they get paid 51% of the revenue. These numbers are consistent and do not change due to the YouTuber’s geographical location.

YouTube charges the advertiser when a viewer watches an advertisement for 30 seconds or more. On average, an advertiser has to pay $.18 per view and, statistics show that only 15% of users watch an advertisement to its entirety. Therefore, a YouTuber earns around 18 dollars per 1000 views.

YouTube has turned many people into millionaires. In 2015, some of the top earners include PewDiePIe who made $12 million, Smosh made $8.5 million and Fine Brothers who also made $8.5 million. So, how can you become a rich and famous YouTuber?

Here are a few tips to become a successful YouTuber:-

Figure Out Your Content and Target Audience

Finding yourself a niche is important for you to be a successful YouTuber. Creating random content will not grow your audience. So, you need to create content on topics that you are passionate about and then share it to people and communities who will enjoy watching those videos. This will help you increase your subscribers and the number of views on your videos.

Make Your Videos Engaging

YouTube, since it changed its algorithm back in 2017, rewards lengthy content more than the number of views of a video. Therefore, you need to keep your audience engaged throughout the length of your video so that you don’t lose your audience interest in the middle of you video. That is why making a video engaging is important to have a strong audience following.

Upload Consistently

Even if you are uploading one video everyday week or uploading just one per week, you need to be consistent. You should try to upload your video at the same time every time. This will make your audience who is looking forward to watching your new video to be disappointed and keep your fan base happy.

Interact with the Community

Interacting with the community is a great way to keep your viewers loyal. You should like and comment on the comments posted by viewers on you video and engage in conversation with them. Not only will this make the community happy but also help you improve your future content based on their feedback.

Apply Digital Marketing to Promote Your Video

New YouTubers have a lot of problems in the beginning to increase the views and subscribers on their channel. Promotion is the key to grow a channel swiftly and, digital marketing is the best way to achieve this. Digital marketing strategies have helped many channels in their success. Therefore, if you learn digital marketing, you can zoom past your competition and monetize your channel with ease.

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