Vedic Maths Classes Pune


Vedic Maths is derived from our Vedas. There are 4 Vedas viz. The Yajurveda, The Samaveda, The Arthaveda and The Ridveda. The Vedas are sub-divided into 4 Upavedas viz. The Ayurveda [deals with Medical Sciences] The Dhanurveda [deals with archery & other military sciences] The Gandharvaveda [science& art of Music & Dance]and The Sthapatyaveda [Engineering, Architecture, Science, etc.] Mathematics is derived from The Sthapatyaveda. Mathematics is very important for Engineering, Architecture & Science.
It is an ancient technique used for speedy & accurate calculations based on Sutras & sub-sutras.



• Is simple & flexible in nature.
• Can perform calculations at a rapid speed.
• Gives accurate results
• Saves valuable time in competitions & examinations.
• Develops mental abilities.
• Enhances intuition & logic.
• Provides an extra competitive edge.
• Increases confidence & intelligence levels.
• Optimizes performance.
• Encourages creativity & innovation.
• Amazing speed with accuracy.
• Develops both sides of the brain.
• Saves 80% of the time.
• Answers can be reduced to one line after practice.
• Develops child’s interest in Maths & removes fear of Maths.
• Increases concentration.


• Knowledge of Vedic Maths is like possessing an Ultra, Invisible Calculator that helps in fast & accurate calculations which can be used by employees & professionals like CAs, Architects, etc. at their work place to increase the efficiency.
• Can be used during interview for clearing Aptitude test.
• Can be used during promotions to check the analytical & reasoning test of the individual.
• As it develops both the sides of the brain, it helps a person to take decisions faster.
• During presentation of projects in front of the client will be able to show facts & figures very fast by mental calculations & leave a positive impression about the Company & oneself.
• Cement a solid foundation on which they can grow in their dream careers.
• Can stand apart from the crowd & be recognized for his skills.
• Increases concentration.


• Can do day-to-day mathematical calculations faster like calculating the bills correctly of grocery, vegetable vendor, etc.
• Can help children in their studies.
• Help her to regain her confidence.
• Can conduct tuitions at home & earn her pocket money.
• Make her independent.
• Can equally participate in the domestic decision making process along with her husband due to the analytical & reasoning skills developed.
• Children will feel proud of the Mothers & not feel ashamed to invite her in the school meetings because of the knowledge she possess.
• A learned mother enlightens the entire family.


Digital Roots.
Addition by Shuddha Method.
Subtraction from Perfect Base.
Subtraction from Sub-Base.
Subtraction by Shuddha [General Subtraction].
Multiplication near Perfect Base number –a] Above the base b] Below the base.
2 X 2 Multiplications.
3 X 3 Multiplications.
Multiplication of any numbers by 9 where 9s are equal/more/less.
Multiplication of any numbers between 11 to 19.
Division by Simple Method [2 digits].
Squares by Duplex Method.
Square Root of a Perfect square number.
Cubes of 2 digit numbers.
Cube Roots of a perfect cube of 2 digit number.


Subtraction of any number that is close to Perfect Base.
Vinculum numbers
Subtraction by Vinculum Method.
Multiplication of any number by 11.
4 x 4 Multiplications.
Multiplication of numbers where unit digits are added to 10 & tens digits are same.
Multiplication of numbers below & above the base.
Multiplication of 2 numbers near Sub-base number.
Multiplication Tables.
Squares ending with 5s.
Squares of numbers in 50s.
Squares of numbers near the base.
Squares of numbers adjacent to the square of known numbers.
Cubes of numbers near the Perfect Base.


Addition by Nikhilam Method.
Subtraction by Nikhilam Method.
Multiplication of any number by 101.
Multiplication of numbers where sum of units & tens digits are added to 100 & hundreds digits are same.
Division by Simple Method [3 digits].
Squares of numbers in 500s.
Single digit multiplier.
Sum of 2 products – 2 digit multiplier.
Division by 9.
Multiplication with 9.
Multiplication of numbers less than Sub-base.
5 x 5 Multiplications.
Cube Roots of cubes having 7 to 9 digits.


Divisibility Test.
Multiplication of numbers where LHS digits are same & sum of RHS is slightly more/less than 10.
Division by horizontal Method.
Division by Flag Method [2 digits].
Squares by mental calculations [40 – 80].
Squares by mental calculations [80 – 100].
Simplified method for finding square root of a perfect square number.
Square Roots – General.
Addition & Subtraction of Fractions.
Comparing Fractions.
Addition & Subtraction & Multiplication together.
3 & 4 digit multiplier.
Equations – Algebraic Multiplications.

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